Carhartt Coat

If you are a frequent reader of The Cottage Chronicles you know that I am a bit of a “clothes horse” or at least, a guy who appreciates well made, rugged outdoorsy clothes.

I suppose that appreciation comes from a lifetime of hunting and fishing, being outdoors in all kinds of weather and having to rely on your clothes to keep you warm and dry and therefore safe.

My wife says I am worse than a woman when it comes to clothes, particularly hats, coats and boots, and I have to admit, I have a tough time saying no to a new pair of boots or an outdoorsy coat, and hats….well….let’s just say it’s kind of embarrassing when you open our hall closet and my hats fall out…..

To stand up to rugged use outdoors, whether you are working, perhaps building a new shed at the cottage, splitting some kindling for the camp wood stove, or cutting trees to make up some firewood, you need a good strong, durable coat to keep you warm and dry, and yet allow you the freedom and room to move necessary to do whatever it is you have to do. Even if that is just look good as you go for a walk down a long cottage country road…..

Carhartt Clothes

I’ve been a fan of Carhartt clothes ever since I first laid eyes on one of their tough jackets. Carhartt apparel is well made, practical and designed for years of outdoor wear, in all kinds of conditions.

Carhartt didn’t just fall off the proverbial apparel-making-turnip-truck either, they have been making durable, high quality premium workwear from denim and brown duck fabric for over a century.

More Than Jackets and Pants

Today Carhartt has expanded that line-up to include all kinds of rugged outdoor wear, they are more than just jackets and pants…….

Carhartt Coat

I love a coat with good big pockets like this Carhartt Mens Big Duck Chore Coat Blanket Lined

This 100% cotton duck men’s Carhartt Coat comes with a blanket-lined body and quilted nylon lined sleeves for warmth and comfort on those cold mornings in the duck blind or the wood lot.

Lots Of Pockets

The Carhartt Coat has a corduroy collar that I love (gives it some real country style) and pockets…well there is an inside pocket, two chest pockets, and two large lower front pockets.

The seams of the Carhartt Coat are triple stitched and riveted, for durablity and strength.

Freedom Of Movement

Lot’s of freedom of movement with the split-back and bi-swing design. That means whether you are swinging a shotgun in the blind, an axe at the splitting block, or just your arms as you stroll along your own country road, you will be able to do it in comfort.

The best part is, and what caught my eye this morning, is that this coat is on sale right now from Amazon, for around $70.

I paid considerably more for a similar coat, that didn’t have a blanket lining, from L.L.Bean a couple of years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I like the L.L. Bean coat, but it isn’t as warm as the Carhartt.

You can find out more about this Carhartt Blanket Coat Here! and find more Carhartt clothes here at  Carhartt Clothing

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