The Retired Life

Hey cottagers and cottageer friends! We’re just back from about a week at the camp and it was fantastic! We had pretty decent weather and lots to do.

There is a certain “something” in the air this time of year, I think it is the feeling of change, as the seasons move from summer into fall. We have been very fortunate in that the weather has actually been pretty good except for a couple of days of heavy wind and rain, the rest has been absolutely lovely.

It’s been mild and sunny, with excellent days for working outside. We’ve been doing just that, mostly cutting firewood, but some other cottage projects as well.

Being retired is a wonderful thing. Nothing is too much trouble and I finally feel like I have lots of time, lots of time to do things, and without rushing.

When you are working full time, most cottage projects, repairs, etc, are done in a weekend, so no matter the work, it has to be crammed into two days, which often results in a ‘that’s good enough’ attitude, mainly because it has to be good enough, you’ve run out of time to do better. But since I have stopped working at a job, I have the time now to do a good job and spend as long as necessary to get it right, and if it doesn’t get done today, who cares, it will get done tomorrow.

Or….you can do what I did yesterday and throw down the tools, grab my favorite shotgun and head out to the woods for an afternoon of ruffed grouse hunting.

Gotta love it, a beautiful day, some autumn colors, made for a wonderful day afield, even if I didn’t see so much as a grouse feather. .
Of course that is OK because there will be other days God willing. The rest of the day I spent solving the worlds problems with my neighbor and friend, which resulted in a very relaxing day, and a day where I didn’t lift a finger to fix, repair or build anything. Here is a pic of the view I enjoyed yesterday while I was hunting.

I also managed to get a picture, not a great picture but one I like of the moon over the lake on particularly clear evening. There is something about the moon rising over a lake that never gets tiresome to look at, it’s better than prime time television as far as I am concerned.

It won’t be too long before we will have to shut off the water at the cottage and drain the system, not something I look forward to, but inevitable in the North where the temperatures are soon going to go below freezing and without heat, water pipes will freeze and burst. It’s never a good time of year for anyone who has a camp or cottage, but…we cottagers are a tough breed, and we will still go to the camp whenever we can, even without running water. That’s still a few weeks away, so in the meantime, I am going to soak up as much of this glorious time of year as I can!

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