Cottage Activity Updates

Hey Friends! Lots going on at the camp these days….since I retired I find myself asking the age-old question of all retirees…..”how did I find time to work at a job?” It’s true, I have been going full throttle since I stopped working for a living and it is……fan-frigging-tastic!

We’re cutting firewood like we know something…such as this is going to be a cold winter, and the cottage repairs are still going strong. I’ve now got 30 sheets of ranchwall siding to put up, and I am just finishing the veranda railing for the front deck where we built the screen room. I also cut up the old skidway that I was using to pull up the boat with plans to build a new one anytime now.

In addition we ordered 8 loads of ground to fill in a low spot in the extra lot we have next to the cottage. The fill is there now and half spread, although unfortunately the contractor’s skidsteer broke down midway through, so it isn’t quite finished.

No matter because while I was talking to him about the original 8 loads we discussed the idea of fixing up the shoreline a bit, building up the front of the property by the lake with some rock and perhaps a new place to launch and unlaunch a big boat like a pontoon boat for example. That’s gonna take some money and quite a bit of work, as well as some heavy equipment. I am looking forward to it and hope it turns out like I have planned.

 I’m hoping he starts on that job in the next day or so, because now that I have decided to do it, I want it done. It’s gonna cost a bit of money but what the heck, it will make the place much better than it is and increase the value of the property. Not only that, if we do buy a pontoon boat in the next year or so, we will need a decent place to put it in and out of the water.

I don’t know if I told you before but I bought a new hydraulic jack this week, which means I now have enough jacks to raise the 12X20 garage and put new posts underneath it. That will give me a chance to straighten it up a bit, (it’s starting to sag in one corner) which will then mean new siding on it and perhaps a new window or two.

When the weather cools off, we have some inside work planned which will keep me going through some of the winter I expect, which means something to look forward to, and a reason to go to the camp in the winter. Lot’s going on. My posts have been sporadic of late as I am at the cottage most of the time with only a brief trip to town for supplies, laundry, food etc.

Along the way I am also keeping an eye out for a coyote who I believe is roaming around the area and a raccoon who is living in our neighborhood.

He walked along the shoreline two nights ago as I sat in the camp and watched him through the window. I didn’t get his picture but the next morning I did get a picture of his little footprints in the sand. He is a right chubby little fellow.

The coyote on the other hand…well he isn’t as quick to show himself but I know he is around, or at least has been around, he has left us a couple of momentos of his visits. I have a momento of my own to give him if he shows up too close to the camp……

As I mentioned in the beginning, being retired is great, being at the camp is even better, but I have to admit, I do miss somethings, or better put some people. My family and some friends must be sure that we have fallen off the face of the earth of late because we are not around home very often.

That’s because I am on a mission to get a lot of stuff finished before the winter months and therefore I am trying to make hay while the sunshines as the saying goes..
It will soon be winter and too cold for most of these projects. Not only that, once we have to shut off the cottage water and winterize the place it won’t be as comfortable for long stays.

So don’t worry kids, Dad and Mom will be home soon…well eventually….well…..sometime in the not too distant future…..

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