Well we had a little “hitch in our giddy-up” this weekend in terms of getting to the cottage. My parents, God Bless them, celebrated their 60th Wedding anniversary this weekend, with a nice party at the local Masonic Lodge Hall, attended by about 140 of their closest friends….and oldest too, with one of the friends coming in at 101 years of age, and she enjoyed a dance with one of the fellas!! That was really nice to see.

It was a great party, 2-4 on Sunday, sandwiches and lots of sweets, and a chance to see some of the family and friends. My girls were all in perfect attendance, helping their grandparents greet folks at the door, and passing out flowers and little momentos to some of the folks that attended. Gotta love it when the family gets together……

On another note, we had some sadness today, as we had to put our dear little toy poodle “to sleep” as they say in dog-pet-parlance…..My poor little boy was getting old, almost completely deaf, just about totally blind, and his kidneys let go, as they so often do with elderly people and elderly dogs…..So this has been a less than upbeat day around our household, not one I recommend to anyone.

Frequent readers will remember Meeko, I have written about him here before. He was a true cottage dog, and considering he wasn’t much bigger than a rabbit, when he got to “the camp” he figured he was King. He was a water dog like no other water dog I have known, and I have owned a few hunting dogs, that purported to be water dogs. Meeko put them all to shame with his swimming ability and his retrieving. In fact, he was one of the best retrievers I have ever seen, pound for pound. He leapt off the end of the wharf like a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, to swim after whatever was thrown for him. But the best part was, if you didn’t throw anything for him, he would take one of his toys out on the wharf himself, drop it in the water, and after it had floated a sufficient distance away from the wharf, he would jump in after it! I kid you not….

He was also a great little fella to sleep with, although he sometimes hogged the couch, but he loved to lie down with me for an after supper nap. This pic was taken earlier this Spring, he had just had a haircut and was finding it a little chilly at the camp, so he was wearing his coat.

Meeko and I had many a great snooze on that couch, cuddled up together, although he sometimes pushed me towards the edge when he wanted to stretch out. He was a pretty good kisser too……

He wasn’t a fan of the boat, at least not our speedboat, in fact, he tried to avoid going in it because he couldn’t see out. He didn’t mind the little aluminum runabout when he was younger, but for the last few years, he usually preferred the comfort of the cottage couch to the boat.

Meeko seemed to like fish, or at least he had a passing interest in the fish I brought home, he was particularly fond of trout…..

Sometimes he would get pretty “friendly” with the fish I brought home, welcoming them to the camp with a nice big wet dog kiss !!

In later years our little fella liked his comfort too, never one to shy away from some extra heat, especially after a cool Spring day at the camp, he was usually found sitting pretty close to the electric heater…too close sometimes……in this picture he is warming up after a swim, his toy carrot beside him. That’s the toy he loved to drop off the wharf and then jump in to retrieve.

Meeko came to us at a particularly tough time in my life, in part I think because Wendy knew that a dog would snap me out of what I know now was a very serious depression. She was right on the money, he did that and more. He watched for me in the window these last few years to come home from work, and he always had a nap with me after supper. And when I crawled into bed, he cuddled close, sleeping on his own pillow between us. I cannot tell you the number of nights when I was full of woe, from work or whatever, when I would crawl into bed, wrap an arm around my little boy, get a kiss goodnight from him, and go to sleep comforted by his very presence. He was my boy…..

We have had his body cremated, and his ashes will be buried at the cottage, where he will be near to the lake he loved so much, and near to us, his presence will always be there and in our hearts…..and someday, when my time comes, my ashes will be right beside him…….
Sleep tight little boy, your Daddy loves you……

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2 thoughts on “Meeko”

  1. This is perfect. I had forgotten how good of a swimmer he was until I read this but now I can see him pushing his toys into the water and swimming for it. He was a lovely dog and I miss him.