Garden Utility Cart

We’re just back from the cottage for a little break…..this being retired is one fantastic way to go, but oh my….it does keep ya busy, but in a good way. I’ve got quite a bit to tell ya, but I am going to start with something I just bought that I happen to think is a fantastic addition to the cottage, or at least to the cottage tool bin.

I dunno about you, but I am always moving stuff around the cottage. Either I am hauling firewood or bringing the outboard motor up and down from the boat to the cottage, taking five gallons of gasoline to the boat or hauling stuff out to the little vegetable garden out back.

In the past I have used a wheelbarrow for some of this moving stuff, but it is not always the best, and it is virtually no good for hauling an outboard motor, too tippy, and you have to lift it, much like a two wheel dolly, useful…better than carrying it…but far from perfect.

Well I would like to introduce what I call “perfect” and after only owning it for about 5 days, I have come to wonder what I did without it….it’s called a garden utility cart and I gotta tell ya, it has lots of utility for me.

It has fold down, or removable sides, and nice knobby tires for rolling over rough terrain and makes an easy job of hauling the 15 horsepower Evinrude, as well as hauling cut up chunks of firewood, among other things. Already Wendy has discovered it’s usefulness and is quick to say, “I’ll get the cart!”

We’ve had great luck with it so far, using it to move the outboard motor and to haul some firewood from one side of the property to the other. These are not very expensive, but are like having a helper along to carry the heavy stuff. It rolls nicely and my only complaint is that I find the handle a wee bit too short, but Wendy says it is fine for her, I am a little taller.
We bought our cart at Canadian Tire, but Amazon sells one too.
Utility Cart.

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