The Screenroom is Finished What’s Next?

Hey Campers! It’s the dreaded Sunday night, when we all have to head back to the city with only memories of the fun times we had at the camp this weekend. The only trouble with weekends is that they are only two days.

I think we should lobby to have the workweek changed to two days and make the weekends five days….that still wouldn’t be enough though….

Our screenroom project is finally finished. Well as much as anything really gets finished…..

I still have some minor things to do with some wood trim and perhaps some calking to keep the place bug free, but for all intents and purposes, it’s finished and it’s quite useable. Infact, we used it all weekend.

I finished closing in the top of the walls on Saturday morning, stood back and said, “It’s done!” I gotta say it has been one of the most pleasant, most practical and most enjoyable projects of recent time. By building the screenroom on the veranda it’s like adding another room to the camp. My buddy Doug knows his way around hammers and nails and wood and with his expertise and attention to detail we have a great looking room.

Now with the screenroom project over, it’s time to look for the next endeavor. I am torn between re-siding the remaining three outside walls of the camp, replacing the posts under the veranda deck, replacing some windows, or….repairing the old shed, which was the original camp, which is a much bigger project, involving lifting it up, re-siding it, moving it about six feet back, and putting new posts underneath it.

Here is the only recent pic I could find of the place. Notice how it appears to be tipping down at one end? Wendy is mixing up some paint for the screen room. Looks like she should have been mixing some up for the shed!

 Not exactly a small job, but one that will be very good to have done. It measures 12 by 20 so it’s not huge, but it is a decent size to move. You can be sure if I start on that one, I will be writing about it here. Judging by the picture below, I need to be making it bigger……

This was a special weekend at the camp as we took my Mom and Dad there for the weekend.

They are the original owners of the place and they love to see it on occasion, even in their 90’s. It’s always nice to take them for a couple of days and watch them as they see the improvements and the changes we make, all for the better I hope. It’s also a great chance to hear lots of history about the place, particularly from my Dad, who remembers everything there is to remember about the camp, from it’s first days as nothing more than a picnic table on the shore of the lake to a full blown cottage with inside plumbing.

In fact, the building I now call, “the garage” or “the shed” pictured above, was the original camp, a one room design that only served the purpose for about two years before he decided we needed something a little bigger.

Wendy and Mom beat Dad and I at cards both Friday and Saturday night despite the intricate system of signs and signals Dad and I had worked out to tip off the other one as to our hand…..Wendy saw through me holding my heart almost immediately and to tell the truth, Dad making a diamond shape with his fingers was a little obvious too….Ha Ha…didn’t matter they beat us about 8/9 games….

The only thing I didn’t do, which is soo stupid I am disappointed with myself, I forgot the charger for my camera battery and couldn’t take a picture. What next? I carry that camera with me all the time, but someone managed to leave the charger home this weekend. I arrived Friday night with a dead camera battery.

Dad and I had lots of opportunity to talk about old memories and future plans for “The Camp” as he affectionately calls it. It was his dream to own a camp from the time he was a young boy going to his Uncle’s camp on a lake, and during his lifetime he turned that into a reality, along with creating the same dream in me, which of course I continue to hold to this day. I can only hope I can pass the same along to my children.

The garden is doing great, we were eating fresh green and yellow beans all weekend, and it won’t be too much longer before we can add a tomato or two as well as they are starting to come along quite nicely too. The corn….well….don’t expect an invite to a cornboil anytime too soon. It’s gotta a little ways to go yet.

I am not exactly the best vegetable gardener, but it’s still fun to watch stuff grow. One thing I do grow quite well is grass, I spent the better part of the afternoon pushing the old Briggs and Stratton lawn mower….we seem to have more grass than ever… thing for sure, cutting grass is better than shoveling snow!

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One thought on “The Screenroom is Finished What’s Next?”

  1. I think it's wonderful that your parents are in their 90s and still enjoying the family cottage!! A shame you didn't have the camera charged.