Retirement Is All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Ok…so I gotta tell ya, this retirement gig….well it’s the best thing I have ever had happen to me!! I am walking around with a perpetual grin on my face, mention the word retirement and I start to laugh out loud! It’s a great feeling, I can only hope it lasts and lasts and lasts……

Take this weekend for instance, my first weekend since the big retirement party day. We headed off to the cottage on Thursday and stayed until today….which is….um….Ha ha ! I had to ask Wendy what day it was, I lost track…we stayed until Monday. Thor-o-lee enjoyed listening to the cars heading out last night on their way back to the city, and watching the lake grow quiet finally giving some of it back to the loons, the poor loons who I am sure must get tired of ducking the never-ending parade of speedboats, jet-skis and the very popular pontoon boats plying the water from Friday Night until Sunday Night. The good news is, most of them go away come Sunday night!

Here is a shot of how I spent my 6th day as an unemployed person….it was pure decadence….I was nibbling on sponge cake, watching the sun bake and wearing my flip flops as I floated lazily around the cove on the float tube…..oh my….the temperature was somewhere around 30 degrees celcius and the sun was sooo hot…and the water warm, yet cooling in comparison to the air.

I was really feeling bad for the poor folks I left behind at the office when I took my leave and hung up my work keyboard….

It wasn’t a weekend without some work though, as my buddy David and I jacked up the front deck and replaced all the posts holding it up with new 6X6 posts.

 I’m sure the 4X4 posts that were originally there were all that was needed, but they were rotting out and I like the strong look of the bigger posts. I think they make the deck look better.

We also had a great boat ride up the lake on Saturday evening, stopping at a quiet beach to do some beachcombing for firewood and to stretch the legs. Apparently the girls thought that “stretching the legs” really meant, “stretching the legs” as you can see in this pic.

So now we are home, back in the city for a day or two, getting ready to go back to the camp again ASAP. Apparently we have a hurricane bearing down on us expected to hit on the weekend, I can’t decide whether to be at home or the camp for that one, but I am leaning toward the camp, who knows, might be an adventure!

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