Well… cottage life just took a decidely different turn…..for the better!! Yesterday was my last day of work as I am now on vacation for 5 days and then I am officially RETIRED !!!!!

Yup….I’m out of work, but it’s a good thing, a planned thing, something I have been waiting for a long time, a long long time… more going home from the cottage on Sunday nights for me.

I will be standing on the side of the road waving to all the poor folks who have to pack up their stuff and head for the big city on Sunday, while I can stay and spend Monday snooping around their properties ! Just kidding….well kinda.

C’mon you can say you don’t, but I know that you do the same as me, take a stroll over to the neighboring camps when the place is empty, just to have a look around. It’s a chance to have a look at what all the hammering and sawing was about, check out their latest boat, or get some ideas for your wharf…..

Of course it’s also a security measure as well. You’re doing them a favor by checking on the place, making sure it is OK, and that they didn’t go away forgetting to lock their boat shed or put their lawnmower away.

In my case, one of my neighbors did me a big favor one night when he discovered that someone had taken a pellet gun and shot the window out of my garage. Upon discovering the breach, he was good enough to get some plywood and close up the broken window. In fact, it’s still boarded up that way today. No sense letting the sharpshooter do it again.

That’s one of the ideas I have about retiring, I love the idea of being able to stay at the cottage for as long as I want and as often as I want, and to be able to come and go without worrying about work or thinking about the problems associated with it. I don’t win any longevity awards for working, I got out at the earliest possible moment, the actual first day that I am eligible to retire… hanging around for me….leave on a high note and a low pension…..but freedom……freedom……..FREEDOM!!!!!

So now…even though I don’t know where exactly to start, my new journey begins, and I get a chance to go at the things I have put off for years, things I want to do and things I don’t want to do, but know I need to do, like putting new posts under the boatshed at the cottage, and other jobs both there and at home.

I’ve got a list an arm length long, everything from tie some flies for fishing to take up painting again, to writing a novel to putting a coat of asphalt sealer on the driveway, restore my aluminum boat and turn it into a real fishing boat, do some minor repairs around home and finish the siding job at the cottage.

That should get me through to the end of September……I have given up my previous retirement plans of sky-diving, ghost busting, mechanical bull riding and starting my own hunt for bin Laden, although I thought that might have been interesting…..However, I might  try my hand at blogging……

But for the next few days I am doing much of nothing. I am on vacation until my retirement kicks in…..

See you at the camp….oh wait, perhaps I won’t… still have to work do you? Pity……..

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3 thoughts on “Retired”

  1. Congratulations!! All the best working through your list. And if you're anything like every other retired guy I know… you'll be even busier now.

  2. Congrats on your retirement!! Extremely envious! We are also looking forward to the day that we don't have to drive home on a Sunday.

  3. Congratulations, can't wait for my day to come. Remember a good pair of scissors really helps with half the items on the "honey do list", which will then leave lots of time to get into some serious treasure hunting.