Poulan Lawn Mower

After a decade upon decade of dependable service, my old Simpson’s lawn mower kind of bit the dust so to speak last weekend at the cottage. Actually the lawnmower is still working but the handle, which had been taken from another old lawnmower finally cracked under the stress of old age and broke off.

But no problem, at least not this time. I had a back-up plan. In the early Spring Home Depot had a sale on small gas lawn mowers, and I took advantage of it, picking up a new mower for about $135. I brought it home and left it in the box, contented to know that when my home lawnmower which is also old, or my cottage  lawn mower gave up, I was ready.

So today I opened the box on a new mower, a Poulan XT with a 300 Series Briggs and Stratton engine. It’s not elaborate, no grass catcher bag, no mulching blades no throttle control, but it goes and it goes well. It’s also very quiet, something I really noticed compared to the old mowers I have been used to using of late.
The best part was, all I had to do was put the handle on and fill the crankcase with oil, oil that came in the box with the mower, a nice surprise. I gased it up, gave the rope a couple of pulls and it started ! I love it when a plan comes together…..

The old mower, the one I that I have been using at home will now have a new home at the cottage and the old cottage mower…well if I can get a handle for it I will keep it as a spare or, perhaps it will become another “mower-tower”

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