Paint or Stain The Cottage?

Cottage Reno Continues

The cottage renovations are continuing much to my delight. This weekend was an equally productive one as we replaced the sill under the opposite corner of the front of the camp. Over the years ants had completely devoured the corner sills, eating through 4 2X12 planks.

I cannot believe that corner of the cottage didn’t drop. It’s only because there are a lot of posts under the cottage and the veranda actually helped to hold it up as well. Replacing the sills involved a lot of cutting with the reciprocating saw back to where the wood was good and replacing the old rotten stuff with new.

That’s done and things are as good as new now, at least on the front. We have also removed a window and covered the hole over with new siding in order to frame up the screen room which is now almost complete.

All that is left is to install a screen door, install the screen and close in the top on the ends and then decide whether to paint or stain the cottage. A couple weekend’s work once we get started on it. The front of the cottage is starting to look pretty good again, a much needed facelift that I am thankful to have done. Of course the credit goes to my buddy Doug who is the brains behind the renovation operation and the skill as well…..I am largely ceremonial…..

Also thanks to our other friends Jancy and David who pitched in on some much needed painting of the veranda floor and the white trim last week. It’s great to have friends…….

To Paint Or To Stain?

So now some new decisions have to be made, the first being, what color to paint or stain the sides of the cottage.  I am debating leaving it alone for now until we have the remaining three sides refaced or staining the front and doing the other sides when the time comes.

Of course that opens the possibility of having it a different color if we are not able to match the paint or if the front fades a little before we get to the other sides. I suspect we will hold off for awhile, the ranchwall plywood siding that is on it can go without paint for at least a year while we decide on a color.

Originally we had planned to go with a semi-transparent stain, but that means the place will probably be a little too red for our tastes. It is red now and I do not want it red anymore, I am thinking a dark brown would be nice.

So with that in mind we have been exploring the difference between paint and stain and what colors of paint or stain are available and affordable. What I have learned is that semi-transparent brown will probably not work, the red will show through or the brown will not be dark enough, so we are going to go with a “solid hide stain” or paint.

A solid hide stain will preserve the natural look and texture of the wood but add a deep opaque color. Semi-transparent stain will color the surface and protect it, but I am afraid the ranchwall redwood color will come through which is not what I want. I dunno….might go with a nice dark brown latex paint yet, time will tell.

Hell I might put vinyl siding over it before I am finished and end any need for paint or stain…time will tell……

In the past I have not had much luck with wood stain, I’ve had better luck with paint, latex or oil, either one, although cleanup with soap and water makes the water based paints a much more pleasant experience as opposed to the varsol thinners needed to clean up after using oil paints.

I think the color choices are much better when it comes to paint as well, as there are almost no limits to the color choices with paint.

We have traditionally used paint at the cottage and old habits die hard, although I am always open to trying new things. There is a house down the street from us that is the exact color we want the cottage to be, I think Wendy is going to ask the owner if it is paint or stain and what color it is, which hopefully will help us to find something similar for the cottage.

I have learned a few wood staining tips though, thought you might be interested, nothing magical, just a couple of things that are good to keep in mind, particularly the importance of staining when the wood is dry.

Staining Tips

*Wait at least 24 hours before staining if the wood is wet from rainfall or pressure washing.
*Avoid staining in direct sunlight
*Use a polyester or nylon brush
*Stain in the direction of the wood grain

I have some pics of last weekend’s work which I will post as soon as possible but unfortunately I cannot find my camera tonight to upload them, I may have left it at the camp this weekend.

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