Moose Head Wall Art

Hey Campers ! Back from another weekend of cottage fun and frivolity….and some more hard work on the cottage renovations.

We’ve come a few more steps closer to completing the job this weekend. We now have the door built and the first coat of paint on all the trim. It’s starting to come together slow but sure. I cannot believe I spent the entire weekend there without getting out the camera but it appears I did….

I apologize I haven’t got a picture of the latest progress on the renovation. I will have some new pics soon I promise. I hope to capture some of each phase of the project, but I put the camera in my pocket and there it stays.

The water level in the lake is staying nice and high this year thanks to a fair amount of rainfall which is helpful. It’s nice to have the water higher, it makes it so much better for boating and swimming. I think it makes the place look better too.

So the next steps are to build frames for the screens which will cover in the openings. We had originally planned to attach the screen material directly to the posts framing the room but have since decided that is not a great idea.

A better one is a set of frames which can be screwed up to the posts and removed easily for the inevitable repairs that will be needed once I stick my head or an arm through the screen and you know that is exactly what I am going to do…..don’t you….Having the screens separate will make replacing a section of screen to repair  my rips and tears much easier.

You know I have a bit of a ‘moose decor’ thing going on at the camp….(well….I have a set of moose antlers on the wall) so I am always on the lookout for some moosey stuff and the good news is, there is quite a bit of it to be found ! For instance this ……

This lovely art piece combines artisan design with cold rolled american steel. I think this would look great on the wall of the cottage, something that is really eye-catching and unique.
I also came across this moose themed coat hanger which is also something that would look great on the cottage wall.

Of course I have lots of moose stuff all in one place Here

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