Cottage Repair It’s Gonna Be A Busy Summer

$474.09…………..that’s how much I spent today on materials for the start of the 2010 Cottage Repair Project. I ordered the materials we need to repair the front of the cottage, it includes stuff like ranch-wall siding, 2X4’s, 2X10’s, some plywood and other materials and supplies.

So what are ya doing Rob you ask?

Well dear reader, we are starting by replacing a couple of sills that have been eaten by ants/termites on the two front corners of the cottage. That leads into replacing the siding on the entire front as we are also replacing our old picture window, nice as it is, with a second hand window that has a part that opens to allow some fresh cottage country air into the cottage.

It’s also a double glazed thermal window that will keep some of the fresh cold winter cottage air out of the cottage in the cold January winters.

Once the old window is out, the front has to be framed up a bit to accept the new window which is a few inches smaller than the one we are removing. Then the new ranch-wall goes on. We are also removing another window from the front and moving it to an end of the camp to have a view up the lake.

That in turn will allow us to frame up a wall so that we can screen part of the front deck of the cottage. We currently have a roof over the deck, so the intention is to close in one half of the deck and screen it.

Hence the new railing and plywood that is going down for a solid floor instead of deck boards, which will eventually be covered with indoor-outdoor carpet. I think it will be a great place to sit on those nice spring/summer nights when the flies are too bad to just sit on the deck and enjoy views like this……

The entire deck needs a new railing, something quite different than what is there, which will change the look and feel of the place quite dramatically. It’s also got to be painted, but that isn’t this weekend.

In fact, the cottage needs a paint job, but we still haven’t completely decided on what that is going to be, nor have we decided on the final siding. In the short term it might be just ranch-wall. That’s what has been on the place since 1967, so I guess if I renew that, I will do me out….I’ll be so old by the time it needs to be replaced I really won’t give a damn by that point. However, as I said, that is still open to some discussion.

Once the cottage repair has been completed we are going to take a break and finish the wharf building project which as you know is about half finished, but still has quite a bit to be done before it’s finished. Then I’m thinking I will turn my attention back to the 3 remaining sides of the cottage……yup….it’s gonna be a busy summer…….

Stay tuned I will be posting more about the 2010 Cottage Repair Project in upcoming days as we get the project underway. I am excited…..

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