Is It Time To Move To The Cottage?

I’m coming very close to a time in my life that I have thought about for a long time, retirement. Early retirement at that, which makes it quite attractive. It also means that I am coming to a time when a decision might be made, whether or not to move to the cottage. Yup, sell out the house in the city, pack up our stuff and become year round cottage country folk.

However….if you are a frequent reader, you will know I have been more or less agonizing over this idea for the past year. When I couldn’t do it, moving to the cottage, making our summer home our permanent residence, seemed like a great idea, one I couldn’t wait to do.

But….as the time comes closer and the fantasy becomes reality, it seems like I am not as convinced as I used to be. Country living, as much as I like it, is going to be a big adjustment for someone who has lived his life in the city, close to all the amnenties, shopping, doctors, hospitals, car repair places, entertainment, movie theatres, restaurants, etc.

I do like being able to jump in the car and be at Home Depot in minutes, or go out to supper, maybe dancing and then come home in a taxi. Not as easy to do when you are tucked away in the country, miles from the nearest nightspot and Home Depot.

But that stuff is the easy to overcome stuff. I can get used to driving a little further to get to a building supply store, or making arrangements for a drive home from a bar, perhaps even staying overnight in town.

But what I cannot seem to get passed is the idea of having a place to go on the weekends. Let’s face it, thinking about the cottage, wishing you were there, waiting for Friday nights….those are the things that make cottages so important and so….well….lovable…..

It’s no different than waiting for a good meal, or thinking about an intimate moment with the wife….the anticipation is a big part of the program. Anticipating Friday night heading for “the camp” is an exciting part of the week, and something to look forward to all the time. And I do. If I lived there, I cannot help but wonder if I would be wishing for reasons to go somewhere, to get in the car on Friday night and drive, perhaps into town.

As a life long cottage goer, I have been conditioned to look forward to the weekend, to the escape to the country, to seeing the camp after five days away, smelling the country air, enjoying the feeling of having arrived at the cottage.

I can tell ya, I think that this won’t be the year we move to the camp. Maybe next year, but probably not this year. I don’t think I am ready to stop going somewhere on the weekends, and I don’t want to get down there, all moved in, only to decide it was a mistake.

On the other hand, keeping both places is expensive and means more upkeep is needed in both places. That has to factor in to the equation. So does the idea of leaving family and friends in the city and moving out of the picture so to speak. It might be far better to make my weekends 4 or 5 days long, but head home to the city at least once a week.

So…I’m asking, what about you? Are you considering retiring to the cottage? Or have you already done so? Is it something you regret or something you are glad you did? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the idea.

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