Hummingbird Picture

Hey Campers! We recently spent a couple of days at the cottage with my parents, the original cottage owners, now in their 90’s but still capable and game for a day or two at “the camp.” It was great to be able to take them to the cottage they built and let them spend some time enjoying it as they always did.

It was good fun with some great games of 45’s in the evenings, where the guys beat the girls until the end, and then the women turned it around and came out the eventual champions for the weekend. It was interesting to see the old fella shuffle the cards, he still has it…..he can still shuffle. 

I took my Mom out for a short boat ride today and you would think I had given her the world. She loved it, always loved the boat that woman, and still does today, although she fell asleep in the chair when we got home.

Wendy took care of most of the cooking and of course provided us with some fantastic meals and nobody went away from the table hungry, and if they were, it was their own fault.

I slipped away for an evening of fly-casting for trout, caught and released a couple of small ones, but enjoyed the outing, the fresh air and the scenery. Here is a snap-shot of where I was.
Frequent readers have seen the above place here before, it’s gotta be one of my favorite places in the world, I get there and never want to leave….unless the flies are bad….or I am hungry…..

The hummingbird was back to the feeder, or should I say, the humming birds….with an “s” as there are several coming to the two feeders now. Wendy cleaned them up and by gosh it made a difference, they have been visiting regularly, in fact, they almost never leave. Here is one that was good enough to hold still for a pic!

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