Cottage Wharf Project

Hey friends! The cottage wharf building project is underway with a vengence !! We’ve been moving rocks, building a little cribwork for some more rocks and getting a good start on the deck as well as the first couple of walkways. It’s actually turning out to be a bigger handyman project than I may have anticipated, but it is going to be nice when it is finished. We’ve got the basics done, the part that sits on shore, which is a small deck about 12 X 7 and the walkway/ramp that goes to the rock crib about 10 feet out from the shoreline.

From the first walkway there will be another to a small float, which will hold up the connection to another walkway which will go to another one, and finally to a bigger float at the end. That one will be about 10X12 or thereabouts depending on the available building materials, or should I say economical building materials that we are able to get. Doug has a knack for getting stuff, so I am optimistic it will be a pretty good size when it is completed.

It’s been a couple of years since we had a wharf at the cottage, but now that the project has started, I am getting excited about having a new one. Wharves are great for fishing from and tying the boats to, and just walking on, strolling out for a looksee in the morning, watching the lake, and peering down into the depths to look at whatever is there….which is usually just mud and rocks, but it’s still fun to look at.

Of course a work is not without some effort. There is a fair bit of carpentry involved, as well as a fair bit of lugging, puffing, wheezing and some cardiac concerns, but…..when you stroll out on it some fine summer morning, surrounded by the calm morning lake and watch the sun come up heralded by the cry of  the loon family across the lake….it makes it all worthwhile…..

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