Cottage Renovations Continue

The cottage renovations are continuing I am happy to be able to say…..the place is starting to look like it is getting some much needed TLC. So far we have repaired the sills and floor joists under one corner, started on another, installed a new picture window and re-sided the front with new ranch-wall plywood siding. It’s starting to come together.

In addition to the new ranch-wall siding and joist repairs, as part of the cottage renovations, we’ve also begun work on building a screen room. We already have a deck with a roof over it that runs almost the length of the front of the cottage. It has always been my plan to close half of that off and create a screen room.

Somewhere that we can sit, particularly in the evenings and not be bothered by insects, bugs, flies, june bugs, bats, hornets etc. So to do that we began by marking out the area and screwing plywood to the floor of the existing deck that will be covered with indoor-outdoor carpet.

Next came a half wall that is similar to the one we built on the side door veranda deck, only it goes all the way to the bottom to foil any flies trying to sneak in underneath. Above that wall will be screened up to the ceiling of the veranda roof.

I’m loving it already….three walls are framed and closed in with the ranchwall wood siding, one more to go once we remove a window, repair the corner and frame up the hole left by the window which will then be finished with ranchwall.

That will take away one view of the lake, but, the window is in a place that we almost never look out anyway. In fact, the curtain is usually closed on that window to keep the sun out, so removing it is not a problem at all.

I figure we are about two days work away from finishing this part of the cottage renovations, with the exception of some minor detail work and painting. At that point we may hold off on any further work until the weather cools off again in the fall.

It’s summer and time to relax and do some cottage stuff like boating, swimming, fishing and enjoying the good weather. The place is starting to come together, and the repairs and renovations are starting to make the place look much better than it has for years.

Cottages need quite a bit of maintenance to keep them going strong. The ravages of winter, closeness to water and trees etc, takes a toll on structures, particularly wooden structures without concrete foundations.  Our place is over 40 years old now, and in reasonably good shape considering that, and considering it was only built as a “camp” in the beginning.

On another note, has anyone else noticed the number of hornets and wasps building nests this past week or two? In past years I have never knocked down so many hornet nests as I have this week.

As fast as I know them down, a new one starts somewhere else. I think I am up around number 10 now. I’ve noticed that most of them have been in the eaves above entrance doors, something that might be coincidence, but it strikes me as odd. However, with the help of some Raid and a long pole, I knock them down as fast as they go up which is quite fast.

Its all worth it though, just for views of the lake like this……

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2 thoughts on “Cottage Renovations Continue”

  1. I love what you are doing with the renovation ! The lake looks so beautiful, inviting , like having a picnic there :)

  2. It must be that time of year; we've spent our last week doing some badly needed deck/porch renovation on our place.

    Haven't visited your blog in quite a while, I like the changes you've made! I've been updating the look over at Robin's Woods too, stop by when you have a chance and pay a visit!

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