A Successful Weekend At The Cottage

First of all, sorry for my shortage of posts of late, but I’ve been busy at the cottage! The rest of the time I have just been too damn tired…..ha ha! This past weekend is best described as a “power weekend” Remember I had mentioned a lot of the plans we had for the three days? Well I am happy to say, most came to fruition! To start with, we began to build a wharf.

I had a list a mile long of things that needed doing and we had ordered up all the materials and supplies, had them delivered and went down on Friday night to get things started. And started we did…..

Friday night Doug and I framed up and covered in the floating wharf section that became the end section of the wharf. It’s 8 X 10 and supported on two long styrofoam floats with the help of some random pieces of foam fastened in at strategic locations for added support. We had to quit around 10 p.m. because of darkness, but we finished it up on Saturday morning and launched it soon after.

We slid it into the water upside down using the walkways as runners with some log rollers. Then began the herculean task of picking it up and turning it upside down…well right side up I guess. It floated! Perfectly. From there it was just a matter of attaching the walkways using the wharf hardware, the hinges that hold it all together and allow it to move up and down with the waves.

Drive a couple of steel posts into the water and presto! The wharf is in business. We’ve a few minor things to do to it, but for all intents and purposes, it is ready to use.  I installed a couple of solar lights to guide wayward boaters at night and tied it to the shore. 

After the wharf was under control we turned our attention to the picture window replacement. We took out the big single glazed window and replaced it with a slightly smaller window with screen ends that open. A wonderful thing.

Followed that up by ripping off some of the old siding and repairing the rotten corner of the sill that had gone bad from ants and water rot. No small job but Doug was up to it as usual. We cut out the bad stuff and replaced it with good wood. It actually was not as bad as I had imagined it would be, but it was bad enough as the pictures show.

That led us to the next job which was to attach the new ranchwall siding to the front where we had repaired the corner and to frame up the new window…..then we took the old veranda railing off and laid the plywood which will become the floor for the new screen room that will take up half of the veranda. It will be a great place to sit at night and listen to the loons.

Wendy and Darlene scraped the old paint off the remainder of the deck to prepare it for a new paint job while we put the remaining siding up over the front of the camp.

The plan is to go right around the entire camp but it takes time and money to get it all done, so I figure a side every weekend or so should have us finished by the fall allowing for some downtime in the heat of the summer.

We did some other stuff too, but the above was the major portion of the jobs and the weekend, but it sure was nice coming home Monday night knowing we had got so much done.  I did manage to snap a pic of my lovely wife working in the garden…..shhh…she does not know I took this…..

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