Stay At Home Weekend For Yard Work

Hey Cottagers! This is a stay-at-home weekend, no cottage for us this weekend, we’re getting the house in order, doing some much needed yard work, that way we can spend more time at the camp! So we mustered up some ambition and went to work doing the yard work that needs doing.

To begin with we dug out all the weeds from our rock garden and all the rocks, put some of that landscape cloth down that stops weeds and put the rocks back….hundreds of fist sized rocks…..hundreds.

Then we did the same thing around our two ornamental trees in the front yard. I cut the grass and raked it up, transplanted some plants from the backyard to the front.

Of course when that was done, we had all the dirt and weeds to deal with from the rock garden clean up. That filled two garbage cans which weighed a ton.

Once we discovered what they weighed, and realized there was no way we could move them, we had to take the dirt back out of the cans, at least down to something we could carry, then we dragged it to the back yard, taking a small load about 8 times until we had it all moved from the front to the back.

That added about an hour to the day, and worked the old muscles. I got tired watching Wendy carrying those cans back and forth……

I thought we were done about then and started suggesting lunch might be in order. Wendy said that sounded like a good idea, “You go get some more rocks from the back yard and put them out front in the garden, I will go make us some soup.” 

Actually that is not true, she worked along with me, dragging bucketfuls of rocks from an old rock garden in the backyard to the front. Do you get the picture here? We spent all day dragging stuff from the front yard to the back and vice versa. It was a busy time for too almost seniors…..

After lunch, she transplanted her cucumber plants and tomatoe plants in the new vegetable garden we have started in the back yard. I thought it might be a good way to reduce the grass I have to cut, if I made a vegetable garden in the backyard.

It does cut down on grass cutting, but it is replaced with weeding and tilling and watering. Still, it beats grass cutting and just think of the tomatoes…..we will never have to buy another tomato….ever…..we planted about 14 plants….either that or our skin will turn red from eating tomatoes everyday once the crop comes to fruition.

So….that was my day home from the camp….what about you?

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