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Pontoon Boats and Cucumber Planting

Hey ! How was your weekend? Were you at the camp? We were, and it was fantastic as usual. So far, after about 45 years of “going to the camp” I don’t think I have ever come back from it thinking it wasn’t a good weekend.

It gets harder and harder to leave there on Sunday night. In fact, we get later and later returning. One time we used to head for home after lunch. Not anymore, nowadays it’s after supper and sometimes quite late after supper. Here’s my lovely partner getting supper ready now! My favorite time of the day!

This weekend I was able to help my neighbor launch his pontoon boat. He had it up on the shore on rollers and slides for the winter and after getting it all ready, he just needed a hand to help slide it back into the lake.

Well, a little more than a hand, because although they tow up out of the water pretty good with a four wheel drive truck, they don’t push back in so easy, especially if the water level is lower, which it is this year. However, with an intelligent, well thought out plan, great deal of grunting and groaning, a bunch of log rollers, ropes, chains, planks, shovels, rakes, some band-aids and kleenex to soak up the blood and a Chevrolet full size 4 wheel drive pickup truck, we were able to slide his pontoon boat back into the water and ready for another summer floating on the lake!

Following the pontoon boat adventure, I turned my hand to the vegetable garden. Wendy has been growing cucumber plants and tomato plants from seed in our living room window since April. Unfortunately they took over the living room and needed to be transplanted into the garden.

However, the weather hasn’t been that cooperative, and it’s really a little too early in these parts to be planting. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do. So we planted some in the backyard at home and took the remainder to the camp where we planted them today. The tomato plants look a little feeble, but the cucumbers….well….the poor fellas that were doing so good in the living room,  pretty much just curled up and died as soon as we transplanted them. That was a downer, I was looking forward to enjoying a sweet cucumber sandwich.

I guess it is a good thing it was only cucumbers and not a kidney we were transplanting, the patient wouldn’t be doing too good. I fed them some fertilizer and a little water, crossed my fingers and toes and said a little prayer. We’ll see how it goes by next week. The good news is, she is starting again, going to start some more this week in the “Vegetable Garden Transplant Growing Centre” which is actually the picture window in our home in the city.

The beaver….remember the beaver who had me half crazy this last year chewing down all my aspen trees? Well he seems to have lost interest….shhhh….don’t say it too loud because everytime I say that he comes back, but so far the chicken wire and poles and lights seem to have him befuddled, he hasn’t chewed down the remaining couple of trees……yet…..I kind of miss him…..

Saturday evening just around sunset, I noticed the lake had changed. All day we had a south wind blowing, and it was fairly windy, but after supper everything changed. I was working in the garden when I noticed the change and snapped a couple of pictures. The wind completely died out to nothing, barely a ripple, and the lake became as calm as a water in a bucket. Within a half an hour it was blowing again, this time from the north and the waves were high again, but for that brief few minutes, it was so peaceful.

I’ve posted a couple more of these pics on my cottage chronicles photo blog, you can see them and quite a few more pictures of cottage life  Here!

Well I have to go, Wendy has made me a sandwich, unfortunately it’s not a cucumber sandwich……

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2 thoughts on “Pontoon Boats and Cucumber Planting”

  1. After snow the previous weekend and a cool Saturday, Sunday's hot sun was incredible (near Lake of Bays, ON). About 3 p.m., I said to my wife, 'I wish I could stop the clock… it feels like Saturday.'

    We put in the swimming dock and my bro-in-law is finishing off a deck extension on the side of the cottage.

    One other memory from the weekend was noticing how low the lake is already… lower than last August. No snow last winter and a dry April are no doubt the culprits.

    Finally, the edges of our lake are dotted with many, many cleaned out bass 'nests'. I'm almost protective of them, knowing that each 'nesting bass' will contribute many little future bass to our lake. As tempting as it may be, anyone who loves to fish needs to let 'mamma' do her thing before dropping a line.

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