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Hey Cottagers! Howdy Ho! It’s the dreaded Sunday night, the one night of the week that most of us cottagers hate, the night we have to leave our little escapes in the woods and return to the world, to “civlization” work, school, bills, and all the stuff we try to avoid after work ends on Friday and we head for “the camp”

This was a great weekend weather wise around our place, not hot, but seasonal as they say, good for working outside and fishing, and the best part, no flies yet. Gotta like that.

This weekend I set to work on a little project that I have been putting off (along with lots of others) and building steps for the front deck. We picked up the materials on Friday night on the way to the camp and by early Saturday afternoon I was putting a coat of paint on them. 

I’m not exactly a carpenter, nor do I pretend to be, so building steps was a long job for me, had to do some thinking, looking at other steps etc…..but by the afternoon I was walking up and down them with pride….then I realized the paint was still wet…..ha ha!

And…as I am the king of scabbing stuff together, I even managed to fashion a railing out of a couple pieces of veranda flooring that I had from another project. Now, with the new paint, the steps look much better than the deck.

In order to make that last step at the bottom not too severe, I dragged some ground from the garden and spread it infront, along with some sods and a little bit of seed I had, so hopefully that will take and I will have grass at the bottom of the steps soon.

I put the pieces of wood around just to keep any rain we might get from washing it into the lake, and to discourage people from walking on it.

So, let’s see, what else did I do, oh yes, I burned a Creosote Sweeping Log,  in the woodstove. We have a pretty short chimney and usually have fairly hot fires, and to date creosote and soot haven’t been much of an issue, but better safe than sorry, so we gave one of the logs a run through. It seemed to work fine, I’m assuming it did what it says it does.

So, the steps built, the chimney cleaned, nothing else to do but get the boat out and go trout fishing! I convinced my lovely partner Wendy to don enough clothes to stay warm and we headed across the lake for an evening of trolling for trout and landlocked salmon.

As you can see, Wendy likes to “bundle up” for Spring trout fishing, and I don’t blame her, there is nowhere much colder than an open aluminum boat on a big lake in May for two or three hours.

I’m a little more casual and concerned about appearances…I just slip on a stylish orange
flotation jacket, a ball cap, clip on sunglasses  and a pair of rubber boots and I am good to go!

I’d also like to point out that it was me who caught the biggest fish too…..actually we only caught one trout and it wasn’t very big….LOL, but it was still a nice evening on the water. He fell victim to my undulating, shimmering, swiming little Rapala minnow which…..I figure….looked good enough to eat….at least to a fish.
Here is a snap of a little island we went by on our trolling route.

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2 thoughts on “Building Steps”

  1. You should submit this blog post to Cabin Life Magazine loved it! And yes, you're right about Sunday night – it's the one I dread most too. It's so hard to leave our cabin. I keep telling the hubby one day we won't leave it and will just stay the rest of our lives.

  2. Hubby and I have found that steps are not always easy peasy. Oh we must take the boat to the lake sometime soon. We haven't even wet a hook this year.

    Take care man, and have a super day!!!

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