Academic Achievements For Cottagers

Hey Neighbor! How are you? I’m glad you stopped by The Cottage Chronicles. Big night tonight, my oldest daughter is graduating from University and with distinction, so we went to a ceremony this evening where she, and others were given a nice framed certificate acknowledging their academic achievements…..or as I would have spelled it without spell checker, “akademick acheevements”……

I don’t think she gets her smarts from me. Friday is the big graduation ceremony day, I’m looking forward to that with unbridled enthusiasm…..

As I was explaining to her as I tried to get a picture of me holding her certificate, being at the ceremony tonight, which was held on the campus, means I can now say “I went to university.”

Which of course is a major akademick acheevement for me…..Just look at the picture below, it’s hard to tell who is smiling the most….man I look old….damm camera lense must be scratched.

It’s also a big night because my buddy Doug and I were talking on the phone working out the building supplies we need for our weekend renovation project renewing the deck on the cottage. We are getting some prices and either getting the lumber delivered, or renting a U-Haul trailer and picking it up ourselves on Friday night.

We’ll decide after we find out which is going to be cheaper to do. I suspect renting the trailer and buying the materials in town will be cheaper, but time will tell. My lovely and talented partner and all around good friend, buddy, wife and lover, Wendy, is going to call and get prices in the morning.

I’m kind of excited about the new deck build it’s going to be bigger than the existing deck, which is going to be great. The extra room will be great for sitting in the sun, maybe even having a barbecue. We’re building it from pressure treated lumber which will help it to last a little longer than the regular untreated lumber lasts, which is not long in our climate.

I learned something from my recent graduate daughter, that is if you want something, or want to get something done, you have to go for it, make up your mind, and go for it. That’s certainly how she operates and it’s working for her.   

So how can I apply that to my day to day life? Well when you are the owner of an older model  cottage, you always have something that needs doing, something that needs to be repaired,  replaced, painted, built, whatever.

There are probably 50 things need doing much of the time, that is the fun in it. The not-so-much fun is how to number 1 afford it, and number 2 find time to get it done and number 3 decide what to go at next.

But this year I have decided to just pick something off the list and get at it. The new side door deck that we are planning for this weekend for example, I’ve been thinking about, talking about, planning and speculating about building a new side deck for a couple of years, now hopefully it will be done.

The water pump was much the same. I fooled around keeping the old piston pump going for several years wasting endless hours crawling around under the camp trying to get it working or to stop leaking etc. Now with the new jet pump, geez…it’s great, I forget what it looks like under the camp…..and the best part is, the new pump is now paid for and scratched off the endless to-do list.

Getting something done at the cottage is like watching your daughter graduate from university….it’s a very enjoyable, pleasant feeling…..

Congratulations Kimberley, you did it, yourself, you pulled off amazing accomplishments and something you deserve to be very proud of forever, I know I will be…..

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  1. Congratulations to Kimberley and good luck with your deck. I built a new deck at my home a couple years ago. I love a good deck

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