The Weather Was Nice

Hey Cottagers! Wow what a great cottage weekend! Warm and sunny what more could a cottage goer ask for in a long weekend….well….now that you mention it….

This wasn’t a very successful weekend for yours truly. First of all, my refurbished pump…well….it pumped for awhile, just long enough for Wendy to start hollaring from inside the camp as I crawled around underneath it, “There is water all over the bathroom floor and coming through the gyprock!!”

Words you don’t want to hear as water is also pouring down on your head following the nails in the floor as the cottage starts to flood….I looked back across the underneath of the camp, the little pump was pumping steady, I started to crawl back towards it all the while screaming to Wendy to shut the power off to the pump. We have a switch in the kitchen. I heard her running for it just as I made it to the pump and pulled the plug, shutting it off.

So…shower taps not drained properly in the fall leads to broken pipe in the spring which leads to a new big hole in the gyprock and a new big hole in the shower, and the need for not only new gyprock but new taps too…..but the weather was nice…..

So I shut the water off to the shower once I ripped the wall out and found the shut offs that had been hidden by accident when the gyprock was installed. Not all bad, we still have water… we don’t…..the pump kept leaking so bad that it wouldn’t shut off, not enough pressure. So I dragged it out from under the camp and tore it apart, and found some old “leathers” in the camp that looked better than the old leathers in the pump. I replaced them and tried again…still leaking….finally just after supper it shut down completely losing it’s prime so we had no water, never mind the shower, we had no water…..but the weather was nice…..

That’s when I made up my mind. I am getting a new pump! I thought I would keep the old piston water pump going another year, tradition and all that, but nope, it’s not to be. I am not young enough to spend all my time crawling around under the camp, nor do I want to. I am going to get a new one asap….I’ll be telling you about it later.

Once I gave up on the pump, I started gathering up shingles, most of my shingles are not on the roof, they are scattered over the lawn, the garden, and in the woods behind the camp..
I gathered up too many for comfort, so along with a new pump, looks like I need a few bundles of shingles….oh well….the weather was nice…..
Then I tackled the tree that I hadn’t noticed until this morning, it was a big old spruce, one of the few left on the property, and it was now growing at 45 degrees thanks to a lot of wind this year, it was already to rip out of the ground, so I cut it down before it fell down…but the weather was nice…..
The tree cut, I decided to take the rotor tiller home to dig up a little garden patch in our urban backyard. I was pulling it into the back of the van on the improvised ramp shown in this picture when I hit my head on the back of the van door, slipped, let go of the tiller and fell, sliding down into it, scraping my leg……
But the weather was nice…….

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  1. Ahhh, a sure shootin' sign of spring! BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!! I just had a big old dump truck load of mulch delivered. Time to redress the flower gardens in my acre I call my yard. Enjoy your day…feels great doesn't it???

    God bless and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

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