Running Toilets and Cold Dogs

Hey Cottagers! Another 2010 cottage weekend under our belts already! Time flies at the cottage, even when it is snowing and raining, which it was today. Yesterday was pretty good though, although it was cold, to cold and windy to get me interested in going fishing, so I did some of the other “stuff” that always needs doing.

For one thing, I fixed the toilet (hence the title of this post) which was running constantly, driving me crazy, it was making the pump come on far to frequently. By running I mean water was running into the tank constantly, just a trickle, but at night, when the TV was off and everything was quiet, you could hear water running, it kept making me want to get up and take a leak myself….lol……

I think the internal workings inside the tank got some sand or dirt in them and wouldn’t seal properly. So for about $22.00 at the local hardware store I got a new ballcock and floater, chain etc. It was very fairly easy to swap the old out for the new and presto, no more running toilet. That was pleasant. No more pump coming on every few minutes. All it took was an adjustable wrench, pipe wrench and a flathead screwdriver, and it was done.

What wasn’t so pleasant was our shower repair job from last week. Unfortunately, we’ve got a leak, thankfully we haven’t closed up the gyprock yet, so it won’t be too hard to fix. For the weekend we used a cup to catch the water and shut off the water going to the tub except for showers. Next week I will have the gear with me to fix it. Hopefully I will have my buddy Doug with me too….LOL !!

The cool weather gave me a great chance to clean up the workshop shed, get things in order and pack up about three bags of junk headed for the garbage. That in itself felt good, just being able to move in there again is great.

Over time, stuff builds up, and it gets harder and harder to move around, even the workbench was piled up with stuff, so if you could get to it, it was difficult to do anything. Now I have a clean workbench and lots of room to work. I have some windows to fix up for one thing. Getting some room in there will help a lot.

I also had a chance to do something kind of fun. I got myself a can of expandable foam and went around the shed filling cracks and crevices and then I did the same under the cottage where the pipes and things go up through the floor.

I sealed out some cold drafts and hopefully sealed out any little critters or insects that might have otherwise found their way into the camp. Besides that foam is fun to use…..spray and watch it expand and come back out of the crevice, then in a hour or two it is as hard as plastic. I am going to get some more, I think I can come up with hundreds of uses for expandable foam.

Wendy meanwhile was on her own cleaning binge, cleaning the cottage from one end to the other, even the windows, the place is sparkling now. I think she has a bedroom left, otherwise our cottage spring cleaning is finished.

It’s great being able to get there early in the year so that we can get some of that kind of stuff done, saves having to do it when the weather is better. That’s the time for gardens and fishing and boats and wharves, you know, the fun stuff of cottage life!

Meeko, our little camp poodle, found it rather cold and blustery outside, he preferred to stay inside and sit in front of the electric heater……

The beaver hasn’t come back since last week, that was a blessing, I’m down to a couple of aspen / poplar trees left, I just as soon not have any more visits from him. And, speaking of rodents, no mice in the traps, so that was another bit of good news. The last thing I wanted was to discover a dead mouse in the traps I set. I did reset them today though, just in case.

All things considered, even the weather, it was still a pretty decent weekend at the camp!!

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