Problems With Beavers

I was so wound up last night writing about my new water pump that I forgot to mention……the beaver is back and he ate another aspen tree!!

Oh my….You will recall that we were losing a tree or two a week to this critter, otherwise known as Castor canadensis,  Canada’s national emblem last year.

Well I thought this particular annoying beaver had moved on this year as there was no sign of him earlier this spring.

But this weekend, Saturday night to be exact, he came back and cut down another small aspen tree beside the camp. That is after he crawled under the 4 foot high chicken wire fencing that I had wrapped around what was left of the small stand of trembling aspen trees that I cherish.

Pop cans swinging with rocks inside, patio lights, string, chicken wire, and various and sundry obstacles didn’t make a bit of difference to my beaver. In fact, the patio lights probably helped him find the trees and the pop washed down the bark he ate.

Of the trees in the above picture, there is only one left, plus he has removed many others around these ones.

I dunno about you, but I love the way the leaves of an aspen, or poplar tree sound in the summer as a light breeze blows through them. Well….that isn’t likely to be a sound I am going to hear if this *&^%$# rodent keeps coming back and eating them. So far he has eaten at least 10 of my trees, a couple of them were quite large. The funny thing is, he usually does it on the weekend when I am at the camp!

This time he ate one on Saturday night while we were inside. Obviously lights and noise doesn’t really bother him, infact, I am wondering if perhaps the lights might be attracting him.

Apparently beavers like to eat the inner bark layer of assorted hardwood trees, in particular aspen, willow, maple, and birch. From what I can tell, a beaver is willing to swim a mile for an aspen.

I am pretty sure my beaver is coming from a beaver lodge across the lake from our camp, a swim of about 3/4 of a mile. It’s like he looks across the lake, sees my patio lanterns are on and says, “Oh Rob’s back, I think I will go eat one of his trees.”

Maybe he is scared of the dark…….Here is a picture of the lodge across the lake. I took this last summer. I wonder how he would feel if I went over and start sawing down trees around his house? His house is an amazing construction. I had a good look at it last fall, it’s really quite a work of engineering.

Unfortunately, other than what I have done with the wire around the trees, there is not much that can be done to deal with problem beavers. I am not really interested in shooting him or otherwise harming him, I just would like him to stop eating all my trees.

I actually kind of like having him around. So I have put the wire fencing back up around the few trees that are left and I am hoping for the best, but I am not holding out much hope. It’s kind of cool having him come around, but I know that that beavers can become more nuisance than anything pretty quickly if left unchecked.

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3 thoughts on “Problems With Beavers”

  1. Wondering…after listening to my step-daughter complain about the disgusting taste in her mouth from whatever it was she put on her fingernails to keep her from biting them, if maybe, using the same stuff at the base of the trees would likewise make the beaver not want to sink its teeth into a tree. How much to use, what the stuff is and whether or not it would harm the critter is unknown by me.
    BTW we may meet at the ReStore sometime. I am starting work there soon.

    Houghton Lake

  2. I found some cat tail beaver houses the other day and can hardly wait to go back and photograph them! Of course, they're miles form home so I just think they're great! Sorry about yours in your own backyard. They can do a pile of damage!

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