New Water Pump For The Cottage

Hey Cottagers! Another great cottage weekend under our belts!! This one was a little bit more productive than last weekend which was 4 days of fiasco for me. Unlike last week which ended without any running water, we are back in business and all wet. 

Frequent readers know that I have been fighting with my old Southern Water Pump for some time. It’s an old piston pump that has seen better days and although I had done a lot to it this year, and it probably would have gone eventually, I was having nothing but trouble with it, so last week I decided to bite the bullet and get a new “jet pump” and that….is exactly what I did…..

Now I have a 3/4 hp jet pump with a stainless steel shiny new tank and a great big 1 inch water hose that is just pumping the water like nobody’s business. Water pressure is up in the camp and my blood pressure is back down to a managable limit.

We are now basking in water, hot and cold and lot’s of wonderful pressure in the shower thanks to our new jet pump, and it’s great. It was quite easy to hook up. It didn’t hurt that I had my handyman Doug with me, who has a knack for making things work, but even with me helping him, we were still able to get the pump hooked up Friday night.

I had to buy a new water line too, because the old piston pump only required a 3/4 inch hose, but this one is a one inch hose, no problem, got that, 100 feet of it which takes us into the lake.

You’ll notice in the picture that I have chained the pump to the camp. I always hoped that someone would steal the old pump so I would be rid of it, but now I want to keep my new one for a little while, so I chained it to the camp. If someone wants to steal it, they have to work a bit to get it.

Once we had the pump hooked up, we turned our attention to tearing the wall off where I had the water leak last week, and sure enough, the water pipe going up to the shower had split in two places. I had not got all the water out of the line obviously. 
By mistake a couple of years ago the wall where the valves were to control the water in the tub was gyprocked over, and had disappeared not just from view but from my memory as well. So I forgot all about shutting and draining the water from there. I am the author of my own misfortune as far as that goes.
 I also broke the bathtub taps in my exhuberance to shut the water off last week when the leak started, so we got new taps too. Now everything that has to do with water going to the shower has been replaced. Happy days….and a new access panel is in the works so I will hopefully remember where to shut off the water next fall.
By the end of today, all that is left to do in terms of the water pipe is to crackfill the new gyprock joints that we put up today. Not bad….that might take me months, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is not having running water, especially after you are used to having running water. It’s OK to rough it for a few days in the winter, kinda fun, but in the summer, when we are at the cottage more than we are home, we want running water, hot and cold…..the days of roughing it for me are long over.
So by the time the weekend was over, we have a new water pump, new bathtub shower taps, and we also took the tub surround off the walls, cleaned it up and re-installed it, all cleaned up and with new glue to hold it to the walls and new silicone on the seams etc. It looks brand new. Gotta love that.
So for all of you who say that an old piston pump is still the way to go, I won’t disagree, I loved my old piston pumper, but it’s a new day and time for some new stuff. Keeping old stuff going is OK for awhile, but it wears on ya after a bit. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the next time I see the underneath of my cottage it will be in the late fall when I am disconnecting the cottage water supply…..
I also wanted to show you a picture of our new electric heater that we got to supplement the wood stove heat. This little heater does a great job and really warms things up, making the camp warm-up quick while the wood stove gets going.

It’s also great for heating up the kitchen area which is quite a long distance from the woodstove so it takes a little longer to warm up. Nothing like the quick heat that comes from a little electric heater when you first get up in the morning and the stove fire is out. This little Sunbeam  has a high and low setting, tip over protection and it is quiet too.

Next on the agenda is a new deck on the side of the cottage to replace the old one that is starting to show signs of it’s age, and a bunch of roof shingles that need replacing badly. We figure about 3 bundles of shingles will do the trick. The roof shingles are getting old, but I’d say another two or three years are left in it with a little maintenance now. Once that is done, we can turn our minds to more satisfying work like a new wharf !!!

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