Cottage Roof Repair

Hey Ho Cottagers! Another cottage weekend under our belts! This was what I would describe as a “power weekend” I worked my buddy Doug hard……but he is one of those rare individuals who can get an amazing amount of work done in short order, and can do almost anything you need done……a gift for sure.

So….I got to work and capitalized on his gift, starting him off Friday night with a plumbing repair job. As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the pipes in back of the shower was leaking following our new tap installation following a repair from a frozen and burst pipe from last winter.

So he pulled out his plumber toolbox and got to work on that about a half hour after we arrived on Friday night, finishing around 11:00 just in time for a little drink and then off to bed, I needed him rested for the next day……

The next day was bright and sunny, a great day for Doug to get up on the cottage roof and start replacing the shingles that had been torn off over the winter. All told he replaced about 4 bundles of shingles, close to 100.

That kept him pretty busy, but he got-er-done perhaps because I took the ladder away after he was on the roof ! He also put some wires on the chimney which was starting to move a bit, causing some water to get inside during a windy rainstorm.

Not any longer, the chimney is now secure again. I tell ya, I got tired watching him, and watching was about all I did after helping to get the shingles on to the roof. Roofs and me are not a good combination. I got up there once long enough to want to get down, so he ordered me off the roof so he wouldn’t have to worry about me.

I went and helped the women who were busy inside giving the camp a big clean up from one end to the other, every piece of furniture moved, every dust bunny trapped and gone in the garbage or vacuum.

In the meantime, I took a little break and split some firewood, not much, but enough for a cool night in the spring. I’ve still got a good bit of wood to cut and split, probably about half a cord. I figure if I do a few each weekend I will get it finished by July. I love splitting wood, much more than being on a roof……

When Doug got finished on the roof, we then got started on my Evinrude 15 h.p. outboard motor…..I told you….I worked him hard all weekend. We drilled the cavitation plate and installed a Attwood Hydrostabilizar Jr

Now before you get to thinking that I am just a miserable sod who invites his buddy to the camp to make him work, let me explain something about my buddy. He is one of those fellas who needs to be doing something. He likes to sit and look at the lake as much as the next guy, but in short doses, otherwise, he needs a hobby….and I am the right man for finding him a “hobby”

Once we got that finished, we put the little Evinrude on the aluminum boat and took it for a run across the lake to look for styrofoam that escaped from wharves over the winter. It was productive, we came back with 4 fairly large pieces of foam that will find their way under my wharf sometime this Spring. I felt like Bruno Gerussi on the old CBC television show “The Beachcombers.”

On another good note, I’m happy to say our new jet pump is still working great, delivering oodles of water to the taps, and making me a very happy man…..I don’t know what I was thinking trying to keep that old piston pump working for so long…..when I realize how easily I could have swapped it out for a new one.

Old stuff is fine if you have the time, the ability, the patience and the desire to keep it working, but new stuff sure leaves more time for fishing! I love fishing…….

Watching Doug work is a big job, it tired little Meeko the camp dog and yours truly out, we had to take a break and lay down on the coach for awhile… was hard to sleep though with Doug hammering nails on the roof……

Thanks Doug ! Watcha doing next weekend….I’m thinking veranda repairs……..maybe the wharf……

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  1. Yup weekend is also working day for me even every weekend i have different house work for me on this weekend i have to repair my roof because its leaking little bit in rain so i decided to repair it before its started leaking more. well its a hard day for me.

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