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Well if there ever was a day that it felt like we should be at the cottage, today was the day! This was an April day in March, temperatures were not hot, but they weren’t cold, it was shirt sleeve weather for working.

Working is what we did…..you may recall me mentioning some trouble with black ants in the house over the winter, and the exterminator telling us that one thing we needed to do was remove the bushes that were growing around the outside perimeter, particularly those that were touching the house.

Let me tell you….there are no bushes, shrubs, trees or anything touching our house now! We cut down the ornamental evergreen trees that were growing around the front of the house. They looked nice, but they had grown too big over the years, and were now pressing close to the house, in most cases rubbing against the vinyl siding.

I cut them all down to about six inches above ground. They will come back, but not for a few years, in the meantime, we’re going to plant some low shrubs, maybe some flowers like daffidodils etc, where the bushes used to grow.

I was never all that fond of the bushes anyway, particularly at night, when I felt that they offered a place for a burglar to hide, or worse. They also provided shelter to some rodents, so the party is over for them as well, as the bushes are gone.

Tomorrow I think we are going to the landscape – garden store and get some of that black ground plastic that you put under some mulch to stop weeds from growing, and some mulch…..that is if I am not laid up tomorrow with too many aching bones from today’s workout.

My shoulder is acting up tonight, the result of using a hand saw instead of a chain saw to cut down the trees. The chainsaw….well it is at the camp of course….not much good to me down there……at least not this weekend.

I’ve got a bit of a drive on right now, trying to get as much done around home now, so when it’s time to head for the cottage, when fishing season opens, and when the real good weather hits, I am not stuck in the city doing home maintenance that I should have had done now.

So it’s ‘git-er-done- time’ I’ve also cleaned up the garage a bit, and got some stuff piled in a box ready to head for the cottage whenever we go. I still haven’t had a chance to get at refurbishing the water pump, so that may start tomorrow, I might at least start to round up the necessary parts etc, to get ready for the refurbishment.

I have been debating a new pump, but if I can squeeze another year out of the old piston pump, that is what I intend to do, it’s such a good working pump most of the time, I hate to shelve it. 

The cottage is on my mind most days this time of year and as my son said yesterday, “it smells like a fishing day” He was right……

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