Sunday Afternoon At The Camp

When I rolled out of bed this morning, I figured it was just going to be a lazy Sunday, maybe write a blog post or two, catch a nap, that kind of day. But then my Mom phoned and asked if I’d mind driving to the cottage, a friend of hers, a year round resident in cottage country, had called to say the fresh haddock they had ordered had arrived.

Mom asked if I would go get it. Yup! I’m up for that, a reason to drive to the camp in winter!

So Wendy and I grabbed our coats and away we went. The roads are clear, a few snow flurries along the way, but nothing too bad, an hour or so and we were pulling into the driveway at the camp.

I’m happy to say that with the exception of a bunch of shingles off the roof, which had blown off a recent high wind storm we had, everything was good, the camp in winter didn’t look too much different from the camp in summer.

The lake is frozen in front of the cottage, but beyond that, it’s open water, owing to the recent mild weather we’ve been having while the rest of North America is in a deep freeze….hear that Florida snowbirds? It’s nice and mild here in the Great White North…we get our frozen orange juice from a can, you guys get your frozen oranges straight off the tree….but I digress….

So it looks like a roof shingle repair job is soon in order, but not today, soon I hope, particularly if the weather stays reasonably mild. Otherwise, things were fine, we’ve no rabbit tracks in the yard, even though we do have one here in the city, but a ruffed grouse has been making the rounds, he’s been walking around like he owns the place.

I took along my new Crosman Phantom .22 caliber air rifle to give it a try in the great outdoors, and it performed perfectly, I put some well placed shots into a target I set up.

So far, I have to tell ya, I’m pleased with that air rifle. Seems to have plenty of power, and accuracy to boot. Since I got it, I’ve been shooting 25 shots/day in the basement in a little range I set up, and without sounding like I am bragging..I’m getting pretty proficient…OK I am bragging….I can shoot the eye out of a fly at 20 feet…a big fly….but a fly.

After we checked things out, and I played with my shooting for a little while, I repaired one of the pieces of plywood that we cover in the veranda with, it had blown off, and we closed the place up and went for the fish.

Had a good, albeit short visit with Mom’s friend, and then set off for home. A nice day out and about, and a day that has upped my desire to get to the camp in winter. On the way home we started talking about scheduling a winter camp, maybe next weekend depending on the weather forecast etc.

If the road stays open, and we can get in, we’ll be spending a weekend down there soon. Got home, delivered the haddock to Mom, and then when I sat down to write this post, I realized the camera had never left my pocket….I took it to get some winter pictures of the camp, and well…I got excited I guess….

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon At The Camp”

  1. Camera still in the pocket happens a lot to me too. But I sure do understand wanting to get ot the camp for a few hours. same here. But the road isn't passable after snow flies. It becomes a snowmobile trail. the younger generation get their via their sleds.

  2. Isn't it the way with the camera, I don't know how many times I have taken it in my pocket, particularly on a winter drive, only to forget all about it. Our road is a public road until you reach our driveway, then, as long as there isn't too much snow, my four wheel drive gets us in, otherwise, it's only a three minute walk in to the camp.

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