My New Pocket Knife All Purpose Tool

As a camper, cottager, hunter, fisherman type, I have had a passion for outdoor knives ever since I was old enough to cut my finger. And I’ve owned my fair share of them over the years, everything from cheap pocket knives to the more pricy ones.

I’ve also lost a few over the years, and found a few too. Two years in a row I found a knife on the shore of our cottage lake during deer season. The first one was a Buck Stockman Folding Pocket Knife that was laying on the beach where someone had field dressed a deer. Imagine my surprise and delight when the next year, I found a sheath knife, I believe it was called a Grohmann Trout & Bird Knife minus the sheath. In almost the same place….well I could have left them for the person who lost them, but in those days, I was a big promoter of finders keepers….however, I still have both of them, so if they are yours, all you have to do is tell me approximately when and exactly where you lost them…and I’ll gladly return them to you…

Knives to an outdoorsman are a passion, all outdoorsmen appreciate a good knife, and know one when they see it. That’s why I have so many now, being unable to pass one up when I see a good one, even if I really don’t need it. Lately my knife of choice for hunting is a Schrade 160OT Mountain Lion sheath knife
and my knife of choice for fishing is a Schrade X-Timer Folding Knife although I occasionally carry a folding Buck 55 Folding Hunter which is a heck of a good knife.

Deer hunting I sometimes carry it as well as the Schrade belt knife. In fact, a good deal of the time if you took me by the ankles, turned me upside down and shook me, lord knows how many knives would fall out….even though, all you need is one good one.

In my pocket, through the week, I usually have a small  Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife which is an excellent little knife that has gutted it’s fair share of trout, even though that isn’t what I have it for really.

Those are a few of the knives I have, but there are more. Over the years I have accumulated quite a few, most of which I never use, but like a crow, show me something shiny, and chances are I need one.

I’ve got them all over the place, in boxes, in drawers, pockets, some at the camp, some home, some in my fishing gear and a couple in my deer hunting gear. I went around and found a few for a picture.

Found my little hatchet at the same time. I am going to start rounding them all up and see exactly how many I do have, it’s gonna be substantial, especially if I count all the ones that I never use, but for some reason feel obliged to keep.

I have some kind of ceremonial daggar that came from a German Soldier in World War I kicking around somewhere too, although I absolutely never touch it, as it has perpetually brought me bad luck throughout my life everytime I lay my hand on it, so it is tucked away in a drawer, forever….and ever…..

Well my daughters gave me something I didn’t have until Christmas, and I am thrilled with it. I just took it out of the package tonight, and it’s now in my pocket, “It” is a Gerber Clutch Mini Pliers Keychain Tool, Special Ops Gray

Oh my…”special ops gray” I like the sound of that…..

This handy little tool is well made and has all kinds of stuff in a small package. It’s got drivers, openers, tweezers, a blade, and according to the package, it’s for the guy who would “rather fend for themselves than take the easy way out” which of course…is me and you…it’s you isn’t it? Cause it’s definitely me…..and I am carrying mine now….

Look how compact it is when it’s folded up. Perfect for a pocket or adding to a key chain.

The Gerber Mini pliers are the answer to a practical pocket knife. It’s not very often I am called upon to clean and skin a rabbit at the office, but I occasionally get stuck fixing a desk drawer.

That’s one reason why the Gerber is handy, but it’s not the only reason. How many times have you been fishing or hunting and have to fix an outboard motor, or tighten a nut on a gun or fishing reel, perhaps an outboard motor. The little pliers should come in handy.

All I could do with the knife is cut myself, then get someone else to fix the outboard while I scream and writh on the floor of the boat in pain….

Grohmann /Russell Knives (second from the top in my photo) are made right here in my home province of Nova Scotia and have become quite famous. Grohmann is the original and sole manufacturer of the D.H. Russell Belt Knives for over 50 years. Grohmann belt knives are proudly owned by private collectors and outdoors people from around the world. Check out their full line-up at their website: Here

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