Maintaining Johnson and Evinrude 9.9 and 15 Horsepower Outboard Motors

Ahh the winter….time to lay back and relax….well not really. It’s actually a good time to get some cottage related maintenance stuff completed. I’m talking about the jobs we all put off during the Spring, Summer and Fall because we are too busy doing other cottage stuff, like boating, fishing, hunting, watersking, etc…and of course outboard motors.

Now is the time to do some maintenance on things like the outboard motors. Certainly that’s on my radar. I am running around with a 1980’s vintage 15 horsepower and 9.9 Evinrude outboard motors and they ain’t getting any newer.

Both outboard motors are due for a re-do, so I have begun my quest for information. I did find an excellent resource, chock full of info about Johnson/Evinrude outboard motors.

There are all kinds of those motors on the water today, and they are as good today as they were then, which, in my experience was pretty good. I’ve gotten some great use out of both my 9.9 and my 15 Evinrude outboard motors albeit with some repairs along the way, but not too many.

One of the problems that small motors experience is the water pump, a crucial part of the outboard, and one that can be prone to problems on occasion, particularly if you run your outboard in salt water or in shallow sandy water. The sand can get sucked into the water pump and increase wear and eventually ruin the pump.

So…the point of this post is to mention that I found an excellent resource for owners of 1974-1992 Johnson Outboard Motors and 1974-1992 Evinrude Outboard Motors. It’s called Maintaining Johnson/Evinrude 9.9 and 15 hp 2 cycle outboards and it’s very good.

The author is LeeRoy Wisner and if you ask me, LeeRoy knows what he is talking about. The outboard motors repair section is actually an offshoot of LeeRoy’s main site, LeeRoy’s Ramblings

I began reading his info, and to tell the truth, I have spent the last couple of hours reading and reading…it’s very helpful, particularly if you own one of these older Johnson Evinrude outboard motors.

We need more guys like LeeRoy Wisner on the internet.

Both my outboard motors are working OK as of this writing, so I am not about to mess with a good thing, but it’s good to have the information if I need it, particularly since these outboard motors haven’t been made since the 1990’s.

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