How To Replace Missing Roof Shingles

I mentioned in my previous post that we discovered a lot of shingles had blown off the roof of the cottage this winter, the result of a powerful windstorm we experienced a few weeks ago. That’s always a problem with the cottage, roof shingles…

Oddly enough, our cottage roof was re-shingled not too many years ago, but these shingles haven’t lasted nearly as well as the first shingles.

I figure they couldn’t have been the best quality. They were put on in early summer, which should have given them lots of time to seal in the heat, but they didn’t. The past few years, more and more of them have blown off.

One of the other reasons might be my recent penchant for cutting all the old spruce trees out of the woodlot, which, because it is on the North side of the camp, protected us from a lot of the North East winds that blow across the lake. Didn’t think that one through did I….? I’ve traded a loss of weather protection for a better view.

So, that means some roof shingle repair is in my future, or better said, it’s in my buddy Doug’s future, given his carpentry skills and my fear of heights. He replaced a bunch of missing shingles earlier this year, so now he’s got experience at it. Ha ha! Actually, unless it becomes a problem, like leaking, nobody will be going on the roof until the weather turns, and it is dry. Then we’ll deal with it.

The shingles that blew off are really just the top “tabs”. There is still a shingle underneath to shed the rain and snow. This might also be the time when I look at alternatives to traditional ashphalt shingles.

I’ve always been interested in a metal roof, and now there are those laminate shingles, and other new types, that might be a little pricer, but may be worth the extra cost. It’s something I will be looking into this spring. $$$$Money Money Money…that’s cottages….got some extra money you don’t know what to do with? Get a cottage….Ha-Ha! Just kidding, cottages are worth every penny…even if they take every penny.

Repairing missing or broken roof shingles is not a particularly difficult job, especially if your roof rise is not to steep. Ours isn’t too bad, I think it’s what carpenters call 3/12 meaning it rises 3 inches every 12 inches, and with the front deck roof, it feels quite flat when you are up there walking around…not that I am often up there walking around. If I never have to get on the roof it is too frequent for me.

However, if you are not afraid of heights, and want to repair your own cottage roof, and wondering how to replace missing roof shingles, there is a very good tutorial with pictures written by Bruce W. Maki at Hammerzone, you can read it Hereat Hammerzone Bruce describes replacing missing shingles exactly the way Doug does it.

I also enjoyed Bruce’s practical and important extra article, “Tips On Not Dying” which is a good refresher for anyone considering getting on a roof. I think I will print off a copy for Doug….LOL….Even if you hire someone else to get up there and replace your missing shingles, Bruce’s article shows you exactly what your repairperson should be doing to replace your missing shingles.

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