Plowing The Cottage Driveway…Or Not…..

In addition to getting a new Christmas Tree, (see my previous post) we got some great news today…news I am really happy to have. Frequent readers will recall I had a tough time getting cottage property insurance, in fact, last year I had none. I just couldn’t find a company that either didn’t want a small fortune for the insurance, and in many cases, didn’t want to insure it at all, because it was not a permanent home.

It was only thanks to a friend of mine who, as it turns out, works at an insurance company that we got our place insured finally. Well, originally, she had advised that we would have to keep the road plowed to the camp in order to be covered year round, even though we don’t use the place much in the winter.

Sometimes not at all. That created a new problem, number one, it was hard to find someone who would plow the road, and I was quite worried that they would make a mess of the new gravel we just got last spring. In fact, I had kind of resolved myself to keeping it open myself, either with my snowblower, (never good on gravel) or with a shovel.

I even looked at buying a plow for my Chev Tracker, but that looked like more trouble than it was worth. Lately I have been scheming up how to make a homemade plow for the Tracker…..imagine that now…me making a plow…..ha ha!

Wendy said that had disaster written all over it.

Well…the good news is, and it is good news, my insurance expert phoned today, she had checked our policy for me, and because it is listed as a “seasonal property” I am off the hook on the snow plowing requirement.

If she was nearby I would have kissed her….she is kinda cute….I would kiss her anyway…lucky for her she isn’t nearby….however, it is great news and I am thrilled to hear it. One less thing to worry about!

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