Whitetail Deer Fight

Those of us who like to head out to the woods in the autumn to hunt for a whitetail deer know that deer, particularly bucks, like to fight a bit in the fall during their mating season, which is called ‘the rut’.

These fights can be not much more than a little tap on each other’s antlers to a full fledge knock em down till they don’t get back up fight. It would be something quite fascinating to watch I’m sure.

Sometimes these fights attract other buck deer who it’s speculated come to steal the does who may be standing around watching, or, to fight the winner and then take his harem of does if he has one.

Hunters call deer by imitating these fights by rattling two antlers together and making other sounds to imitate two bucks fighting. I’ve done it….it works….depending on a lot of things, not the least of which is the requirement for there to be a buck deer within earshot.

Although I don’t have much, or any desire to kill a deer anymore, I still enjoy going hunting for them, any deer that comes in front of my crosshairs is a lucky deer….and hopefully smarter for the experience.

Carrying the gun just kind of validates what I am doing in the woods. Otherwise, for some reason, Wendy and the rest of my family and friends think I am weird getting up at 5 in the morning to go out in the woods….funny about that….tell someone that you are going to get up at 5 and go walk in the woods in November and they look at you funny, if I say, “I am going deer hunting” they say, “Ohhh yes…OK, I was wondering.”

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One thought on “Whitetail Deer Fight”

  1. I gotta kinda question what the guy would have done if that young buck would have fought him.
    I've seen video of bucks attacking humans, and it's not good………
    Neat to see these videos, though.

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