Photo’s Of A Fishing Trip From The 1930?s

I came across some old photo’s of my Dad’s uncle on a fishing trip in the 1930’s. My great-uncle was a true “sport” going on several guided trout fishing trips to backwoods fishing camps several times a year, usually in April and May.

I came across these old fishing camp pictures among some other photos my father had after his uncle had passed away.

Dad’s uncle and some of his trout fishing buddies would pack off for a week of guided fishing in the backwoods lakes in Nova Scotia, staying in old lumber camps converted to house sportsmen in the spring for trout fishing and the fall for deer and moose hunting. Here are a couple of the pics.

I have several of these old fishing camp pictures of trout fishing pics from an earlier time but these are among my favorites. While not 100 percent positive, I am reasonably sure these pictures were taken at fishing camps located on Lake Charlotte, Nova Scotia. I am convinced I found the old camp in the first picture about 30 years ago. It was in a bad state when I came across it, and today it is nothing but a memory as the forest has taken back the land.

Old Fishing Camp Pictures

Just look at the old camp….rustic hardly describes it…….Click on the pictures for a larger view.

This last one is of a different camp, although I believe it was located on the same lake. It must be early spring because there is still snow in the woods.

My father’s uncle is third from the left, along with his fishing buddies, the young men who worked as fishing guides and by the looks of things, the guy in the white apron must be the fishing camp cook. Those were the days…..I think……quite a departure from fishing camps of today.

In those times, before outboard motors were in vogue, or commonly owned, the sports would be taken up the lake to the fishing camps usually in a boat powered by an internal combustion engine, or even rowed. At the camps, the guides would row the fishermen, called “the sports” around the lake all day, taking them to the best spots for trout and salmon.

It would have been quite an experience and a far cry form the usual comforts of todays fishing camps and sporting lodges. Just look at the old log cabins where the fishermen stayed. They would have been smokey, drafty, camps, alternating between too hot and too cold. Probably full of bats at times. With any luck, there would be an outhouse out behind it somewhere.

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