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Here in Canada, think “cottage” or “cottage country” and one word comes to mind, “Muskoka” That is because Muskoka is to Canadians, the real Cottage Country. I written about Muskoka before, in part because of what I just said, and in part because of the sheer fabulousness of the Muskoka District and the estimated 100,000 cottages and 50,000 permanent homes located there.

Technically the Muskoka District Municipality is located in central Ontario, Canada, within it’s 2500 square miles includes three major lakes, Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, and Lake Joseph.

But then I’ve told you all this before, I was just checking to see if you have been paying attention and really reading me, or just looking at the occasional pretty pictures of my wife Wendy…..

The reason for my above diatribe on Muskoka is because I wanted to mention what I think is one of the nicest blogs….it’s written by the lovely and talented retired educator, published writer, senior’s advocate, professed poet, and  socially conscious member of society, Jenn Jilks. Jenn has a wonderful blog about Muskoka, including lots of pictures, it’s called, My Muskoka  I think you will enjoy it if you don’t already.

Have a good night, and stay well.


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  1. You are right, Jenn has a great blog about a very special part of this country as do you. I will be back to read more about MY favourite part of Canada!

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