Winter Skate With My Girls

Please don’t hate me for this….but you know I have been playing with my new scanner/copier and have been putting some older pictures on as I find them….so that is why I have decided to go ahead and post some from a winter skating trip to the cottage from a couple of winters ago.

I know the pictures of the ice and snow are kind of discouraging knowing that the cold weather is coming, but on the other hand, these pictures prove that sometimes even in winter, going to the cottage can be fun!

In fact, we’ve have quite a few happy times at the camp in the winter, as long as the snow doesn’t get too deep. On this particular day, the snow was not deep, we could drive in, and we had a wonderful winter day to skate and enjoy each other’s company.

It stands out in my mind as one of those happy memories……

Here are my three lovely ladies, just finishing scrapping the snow off the ice, making a place for us to skate. The ice was great that day, just a little soft snow on top, which we shovelled off with ease.

This is Julia and I, and by the looks of her jeans, she spent a little bit of time falling down….leave it to her!

This is Wendy and Kim, I’m not sure who is really holding up the other one, maybe both of them….although, I have it on good authority that Wendy could have gone in the Ice Capades when she was younger…um…not that she is old now…I don’t mean that….I just mean…oh forget it….

These two are wonderfully close, and it makes me feel good to know that. Although they are very much both their own person, they share things and they are good friends as well as sisters. I hope that continues long after the old man is gone…..
Here are Kim and yours truly, she is doing well in University, which is nice, and she texts me daily, which is even better. We talk a lot these days, I like that….what am I saying, I love that!!

This was a great day on our cottage lake ice. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and afterwards, a nice hot meal in the cottage beside the fire before heading for home. It’s days like this you wish would last forever.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Skate With My Girls”

  1. What wonderful family memories and pictures.
    Many years ago my parents had a cottage on a lake and I couldn't wait for the weekend to go skating. When the ice was really thick, our neighbors would light a big fire right on the ice and we'd toast marshmallows. Thinking back on that, I'm not sure if that was too bright! (Fire on the ice I mean!)
    Thanks for the memory.
    Sunny :)

  2. Those certainly are days you wish could last forever. At least you captured them though. It would be a shame not to.

    It's always nice to hear of a father being so close to his daughters. A girl needs that support.