The Wildwood

I love the outdoors and all things outdoorsy, whether that be hunting, fishing, camping, cottaging, boating, whatever, you get the picture, and I’m sure you share at least some of my passions otherwise you probably wouldn’t be here reading my blog…

Blog…I hate that word, somehow it sounds less than what it really is…so from this day forward, I am using the word “weblog” which is the original name of these little online diary style websites that we all write, read, love and yes sometimes hate….but I am digressing….man am I digressing….

What I wanted to write about tonight is an interesting weblog of one of my followers and one who I follow, K.T. Sparks, from Oklahoma who writes “The Wildwood” about, in her words, “Our Everyday Lives and The Photographs That Document Them”

It’s true to her byline. Recently her posts are about a 25th anniversary trip to a place that I too have visited at one time in my life, Scotland, and she’s posted some pics of some places that I actually remember from my time there many years ago.

Unfortunately, K.T. got to see a very different side of Scotland than I did, having suffered a torn knee ligament as she was packing for her trip, ultimately ending up in hospital in Scotland….talk about a trip to remember.

But don’t worry, it all worked out pretty good, well as good as one might hope in that situation.

What I wanted to mention, in addition to K.T.’s weblog, is one particular post, called Fireplace

It’s a fascinating piece of art that outdoorsy folks and cottagers will love, a fireplace with a 3D deer mosiac made out of stone above it….I can’t describe it any better than that, except to say it is beautiful and I want one.

I showed Wendy and said I was going to make one for our camp…..knowing something about my handyman skills….she is still giggling.

So…don’t wait to see me make one of my own, check it out at K.T.’s blog….err…weblog, The Wildwood

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