The Beaver Saga Continues

Just got back from the cottage! Wendy and I slipped away late yesterday afternoon, after I got the stuff done that my parents had needed done.

I phoned her on the way home and said, “pack up! Let’s go!” Didn’t have to tell her twice, by the time I got home, she had everything ready and we took off.

It was a nice fall day, although cool, the sun was shining, giving us a beautiful sunset to enjoy.

So…frequent readers know that I have been having some beaver trouble. I have a beaver eating my aspen trees, so as soon as we arrived I was out of the Dodge Caravan and around to the back of the camp to check on my trees. Sure enough, he had been back, but had only eaten the bark off of one sapling that he had already cut down.

I figure my chicken wire, solar lights, string and hanging pop cans was working, he hadn’t cut any more trees.

But….apparently this fella likes company. It seems he cuts trees down when I am there, as if he is taunting me, and sure enough, I got up this morning, looked out the window, and he had cut down another tree!!

He just went above the chicken wire, which was probably too low, and chewed it down, then dragged it to the lake, where he left it floating in the cove…..just taunting me……I’m telling ya, this fella is just coming out when I am there, it’s like he likes to live dangerously.

The trees he is cutting are only about 12 feet from the cottage. He could probably hear the television in the camp while he was chewing away on my tree.

So now, I have put higher chicken wire around the entire stand of trees, in fact, I have made a fence around the trees….well what is left them. This chicken wire is 4 feet high, and staked into the ground.

I suppose he could still dig underneath it, but he is at least going to have to do some work to get another one, and good luck dragging it to the lake after he cuts it down.

I’ve heard that beavers can be quite persistent, and often don’t go that far from where they are working. So I set off in back of the camp looking for him. We have what amounts to an old swamp or bog back there, about half and acre in size, and with all the rain we’ve had this year, it has quite a bit of water in it.

I figured that is where he is living.

I looked under fallen trees, behind rocks, and wearing high rubber boots walked through the swamp, poking at holes with a stick. I’m not too bright….no idea what I was going to do if I met up with my beaver. I looked high and low, even spent some time digging a trench to get some of the water to drain off.

But no beaver. I dunno where he is, but I know he is in there. I felt a little like Robert Redford in the movie Jeremiah Johnson, “hunting beave” as they called it….except Jeremiah was a little better at it than I am.

Needless to say, after about 3 hours of searching, I tired of it and started getting interested in exploring my property lines…..which will be the topic of another post.

So….Mr. Beaver, if you are reading this, I have left for home. I will be back, but I am not telling you when. I know that you like to cut trees down under my nose, so perhaps if I am not there, you will leave them alone. I only have a few left, for God’s sake….please, leave my trees…..

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One thought on “The Beaver Saga Continues”

  1. Beavers are truly maddening. We had one at our old cabin…..and by the time he was through, we had only a few trees left. We should have tried the chicken wire… might have helped.