Thanksgiving At The Cottage

It’s Thursday night….you all know what that means….tomorrow is FRIDAY!! and FRIDAY means it’s off to the camp night!!

Yippeeeee!! As the week draws to an end, the weekend is just lighting up and it’s a long weekend here in Canada as we celebrate Thanksgiving weekend, three days of giving thanks for the camp! Thanking the trees for shade and shelter from the north winds, thanking the lake for countless hours of boating and fishing, as well as spectacular sunrises and sunsets, thanking the loons for their mornful calls in the night that wake me up and make me feel happy to be there.

Thankful for the crows who caw in the early morning and get me up to see the sunrise over the lake….thanking the chainsaw for running so well this fall allowing me to cut my winter cottage wood….thanking the deer for strolling through my cottage garden, eating a few carrots but leaving some for me, and giving me the thrill of seeing their tracks and wondering when they came to visit.

Thanking all the friends that spent time with us at the cottage this year for wonderful company and good times, thanking my lovely Wendy for putting up with me and packing the van long before I get home from work on Friday so we can leave for the camp early.

Thanking the full moon for rising above the lake directly across from the cottage, providing us with some beautiful nights to enjoy an outdoor campfire…and thanking the stars for being there in such abundance for enthralling me since childhood with wonder and awe….thanking my cottage neighbors for finally running out of fireworks so we can enjoy a quiet night with nature instead of a @#*—#@%% mardi gras…night after night.

Thanking the skunk that turned up last week and gave us some excitement without actually spraying or causing any problem….live and let live….just don’t spray!!

And finally, last but not least, thanking The Creator for creating places like this for me to live and love!

Oh and of course, a big thank you to all my readers and friends who come to The Cottage Chronicles to spend some time, read my foolishness and add their comments and memories to my posts! Thank you and come back soon!

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