Pennsylvania Wildlife Photographer

One of the things that keep me from writing for The Cottage Chronicles is stumbling into some of the other fascinating blogs that are out there! I mean c’mon, how can a person go by some of these blogs without stopping to look and read.

I’ve spent entire evenings looking at one or two blogs, and then looking at the time only to realize that I haven’t posted a word to my own.

That’s kind of what happened tonight, although I did catch myself in time to get posting. However, I came across a blog by Willard Hill, from Pennsylvania, United States.

According to his bio, Willard has been a maintenance worker, maintenance supervisor, and deputy conservation officer for The Pennsylvania Game Commission.

But that’s not all, Willard is a wildlife photographer, who has been photographing wildlife since 1974 and he’s good at it….his pictures are fascinating glimpses of wild animals, deer and elk and more, a very interesting blog for anyone interested in wildlife and photography and the outdoors.

But don’t take my word for it, visit his blog and see what I am talking about, Pennsylvania Wildlife Photographer

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