It’s Thursday

Ahhhhhhhh….Thursday night….that means tomorrow is Friday and that means……we’re going to the camp!!  Yee-haa! it’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve been there because of my extremely excruciating tooth extraction  mild dental procedure last week when I bravely had three teeth removed without anastetic…cried like a baby until the dentist put me to sleep.

I would have gladly headed to the camp last Friday but Wendy was too tired from looking after me for the three days following my surgery. So for her sake we stayed home…..and if you believe that….well…..

However, although I have some ‘dry socket’ pain going on, I want to get back to the cottage. The fall is…well falling fast, and we need to make haste and get in as much fine weather cottage life as we possibly can, need I remind anyone, it is a long, cold, miserable winter in the northeast, even if you lie and say you enjoy the crisp frosty mornings and an occasional blizzard of snow…..unless of course you are a snow-plow driver,  and I doubt even they enjoy blizzards.

But, it’s too early to be talking of snow blizzards, it’s time to talk about beautiful, mild fall days at the cottage, with the hardwood trees turning to their magnificent autumn colors, cool clear, starry nights overhead. It’s still pleasant enough to sit out by a campfire on a clear evening, watching the sky, and enjoying the silence of a quiet lake. I have always said that evenings at the cottage can be some of the nicest times, especially with a few friends to share it with.

So, I gave Wendy her marching orders asked Wendy if she would mind, to be ready to leave when I come home from work tomorrow and she said, “Certainly Master, your wish is my command.”   “I will pack the van when you get home, all you have to do is get away from work a little early.”

So….I am looking forward to a wonderful fall weekend at the cottage, what about you?

I apologize about the above ‘strikeouts’ I just discovered it was possible and wanted to try it out…..

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