Cottage Property Boundary Survey

My search for the wayward beaver today led me into another project, in part because I lack focus and in part because I realized I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with Mr Beaver even if I found him.

So I got distracted looking at my cottage survey markers, something that is always interesting.

In the country, it’s been my experience that survey markers can have a tendency to move…..a phenonemon no one really understands, especially neighbors who seem to have a bigger garden than they had last year…..if you know what I mean……I need to say right now, I am not talking about my neighbors……

However, my property boundary lines are only good on two corners, owing to the old age of the other ones. An adjoining property was surveyed about 15 years ago which firmed up two of the corners, but the other two were in bad repair, although still in place. So I got out my 100′ open reel tape measure a copy of my property plot plan, a compass and set off to measure some property lines.

It was pretty easy to do. Starting at one of the recently marked corners, I used my compass to take a bearing, tied the end of my tape to the existing survey marker and marched forward, pulling the tape with me, measuring off the distance, which was over the 100 feet of my tape.

So when I came to 100 feet, I left a rock as a marker, untied my tape and started again from the rock until I reached the 134 feet mark. Presto. It was right where it should be. I continued that for the rest of the property lines, going from marker to marker until I had confirmed them all.

I have 6 in total because I have two adjoining lots although we use it as one big lot.

Today’s exercise helped to remind me where the two lots are divided. It also helped me to start to understand the road right of way, which is a bit confusing. In the early days of the cottage development, the contractor building the road made a turn to avoid a big rock.

He also only used about 14 feet of width of a 50 foot wide right-of-way. Then the power company put our power pole along the right-of-way and my father promptly built our cottage driveway on the wrong side of it. I say “wrong” side, only in that he could have gone on the other side instead of building the road over our property. Six of one and half a dozen of the other, although I have considered changing it when I get wealthy enough to pay for road building…….

Whew…..long story going nowhere……anyway, I got my property survey lines marked, and I am content that the markers are where the plot plan says they should be located. I’m happy about that. One of these days I might get the local surveyor to come in and refresh the markers that are getting old. There is also one of the right of way markers that seems to be not a very professional marker, and although it seems to be in the right place, I am wondering why it is not the same as the rest of the markers.

Have you explored your property lines lately? A friend of mine did his and found out he owned several more feet than he thought he did which is always nice. I didn’t come up with any unknown land, but I did confirm what I thought I owned.

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