Closing The Cottage

Hey Ho Cottagers! It’s Sunday night in October…..geez…can it get any worse for a cottager? I dunno, but this is kind of a sad time of year for me.

This past weekend we closed up the cottage, shut off the water, and turned the corner from early Fall into mid Fall when leaving the water pump on becomes a bit of a gamble, especially here in the North.

I doubt it will come a freeze anytime soon, at least not enough to freeze the pipes solid, but the trouble is, if I procrastinate, and something else comes up in the meantime, there is no guarantee I will get back to the camp in time to disconnect the pump and drain the system.

So this was the weekend. Last night it rained and blew like a tropical storm, but by lunchtime it had cleared, so I donned my cottage overalls and went to work.

If you are interested in how I disconnect my cottage water pump, you can find it in a previous post shutting off the water

Sadly, I think this is the last year for our water storage tank. It has developed to little holes in the bottom which I repaired with screws and glue last summer, but I don’t think it will make it another year.

Of course the old Southern Piston Water Pump that goes with it is not exactly new, but by God I think I can save it for another year. We’ll see come this winter when I give it a make over.

We also got a lot of other stuff down this weekend, including pulling the boats up and putting them away for winter.

I might pull the aluminum Springbok out to go deer hunting in November depending on the weather. I also pulled up the boat ramps, and got them dragged over to the garage for the winter where they will do double duty protecting the boats from some of the wind and snow off the lake.

While I was off doing the fun stuff, Wendy got her axe and split up several boxes of kindling, enough that she ended up with a very sore back today….I told her to go split some more wood and work it out…..then I went outside…..and stayed outside.

I guess she wasn’t too mad at me, she did make me a great camp supper of delicious hamburgers!

We also got the front deck closed in for winter. It doesn’t do much for the look of the place, but it sure enough keeps the deck boards in good shape and keeps the wind and snow off the veranda and front of the camp. Makes it a little warmer too, especially in January and February when we go on a winter camp-out.

I used mostly old plywood and whatever to close it up, and a piece of plastic in front of the window so we can still get some light and see outside.

Pretty huh? Well it works….I’ve been doing this for years, and have been quite happy with the result. It also makes a great place to store the lawn furniture and keep some firewood dry. We pack some on the deck and some underneath as you can see.

That’s how wendy hurt her back, packing it underneath and carrying it up on to the deck.

Here is pic I snapped during the storm this morning, it was really blowing. I even heard a flock of geese fly over fairly early, a sure sign of autumn.

Oh yes, I almost forgot….I am keeping my fingers crossed but the beaver has not been back to cause any more damage to my aspen trees. I guess my chicken wire-logs-pop-cans-and stuff managed to discourage him and he decided to go in search of easier tree cutting.

Also, wanted to thank a Cottage Chronicles Friend, “Laker” who it turns out, has a cottage on the same lake as we do, he recognized it from a picture I posted some time ago.

Laker was good enough to send me an interesting history of our lake, complete with some of the lost treasure stories that I have mentioned here before. So I am armed with new information as I go in search of untold riches in lost treasure next summer.

I think Laker and I are going to team up. He will have to do all the diving…..and the digging…..sorry Laker…I am not in very good shape, I will run the boat….But seriously, I appreciate the info, it is very interesting stuff.

So that was my weekend….what about you?

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2 thoughts on “Closing The Cottage”

  1. We did the same at our place last night. Stalled as long as we could turning off the water, and even waffled a few times on doing it.

    But then we remembered doing the mad dash from the city the past two years and shut it down.

    Felt like playing taps when we were doing it, thinking it would be six, long, cold months before we put it back in. We're king of in the same boat as you with the water system.

    Our pump is good, but the hot water tank is getting random (hot and cold)… was looking at a new one tonight at Home Depot. Oh well, lots of time to figure it out.

    I am leaving the aluminum boat in as long as possible, though. There are supposedly splake in our lake and I want to see one for myself.

  2. Hey Greg
    It's a sorry time of the year when the water comes off, but just think, only a about 6 months and it is back on….6 months…that sounds longer than I like….As for the water heater, check the heating element before you replace the entire unit. I wrote a post about that some time back.
    Replacing The Hot Water Heater Element That might not be your trouble, but it is worth a try and a lot cheaper than a new tank.