Beaver Trouble – My Nuisance Beaver

Where do three days at the cottage go? Huh? It’s like we just packed to leave Friday night, and I am coming back in the door to unpack Monday

Zip-eddy-bing and the weekend is over! Oh well, only four days to the next one.

We’re having beaver problems….well, I am not sure it’s what you would call a problem, more of a situation. Last week I was contending with a skunk. This weekend the beaver has shown up again. So here I am up against Castor canadensis, Canada’s national emblem, it’s like I am taking on a country, well not exactly, but I do seem to be up against a determined little critter.

I wrote about him at least once before in this post, The Beaver Is Back

At first when he cut down a couple of little maple tree saplings I thought it was kind of cute….then he cut down a small aspen, or poplar tree….still kind of cute. It was neat to have a beaver eating the occasional tree.

But now….he’s been back….a few times, and has cut down 6 trees in total, my little aspen stand, close to the camp, the trees that provide a very gentle comforting sound when the wind blows through their leaves. They are disappearing. He’s cutting them down and dragging them away.

Saturday night I got up several times throughout the night to see if I could catch him in action. But he didn’t show up.

But when I got up in the morning, he had cut down a pretty big sapling and left it on the lawn! He took the top into the lake, and left it floating in the water.

The little bugger is taunting me.

According to the Nova Scotia Natural Resources Department website, when beavers become a nuisance:

“The best protection consists of encircling individual trees and shrubs with a securely fastened, stiff woven or webbed wire with a mesh no larger than one and a half to two inches (3.8 to 5.1 cm). Remember that beaver will cut trees in winter from a raised snow surface. Tree protection should be at least 30 inches (76 cm) high or even 48 inches (1.2 m) in certain situations.”

Last night I wrapped chicken wire around the base of the remaining trees, I also sprayed some WD-40 on the base of the trees hoping that might ruin the taste a bit, and then tied string all around the trees.

I ran the string into the camp through an open window. I tied two empty pop cans with a couple of marbles in them to the free end inside the camp, which I hung over a door…..let the little fellow try something now…I said to Wendy….”Just let him try!” Off to bed I went happy in the fact that my beaver alarm was set, and I was ready for him.

In the morning, my pop cans were on the floor….I ran outside to check my trees…he cut another one, a small one that I hadn’t tied chicken wire to, hadn’t bothered because I thought my pop can alarm was going to wake me up in time to save my trees…….nope….I am a sound sleeper….good thing it’s a beaver and not a bear!

I have no idea what I was going to do if I did catch him in the act, probably just take his picture for the blog. Maybe ask him to consider cutting trees somewhere else….try to reason with him.

Doesn’t he know we have already have enough to do worrying about the skunk? Oddly enough, the skunk seems to be sticking to one side of the cottage, and the beaver to the other. That makes it pretty tricky for me, because when I go out to check on the beaver I have to watch out for the skunk.

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