A Cottager’s Treasure

Yee-Ha! My buddy Doug, who you might remember is my mechanic, carpenter, electrician and all around handyman as well as the recent new owner of a 17 .5 foot inboard speedboat, gave me what amounts to a cottager’s treasure chest tonight. He was cleaning up his workshop, putting stuff away for the winter, the kind of stuff you do when you have a garage/workshop.  In the midst of the cleanup he gathered up what I would call a bucket of nails and gave them to you guessed it….yours truly!

Now for those of you who don’t own a cottage, that might not seem like much. But to a cottager, with an old wharf  and miscellaneous other wooden stuff, that is akin to a small fortune.

Galvanized nails, various sizes, with some screws thrown in for bling! That means lots of nails for wharf building and repair, lots of nails for a new boat ramp  and lots of nails for whatever else needs nailing and around my camp, that always seems to be a lot of stuff!

So….my eyes lit up when he said, “That bucket of nails is yours, take it with you.” I did…..I brought them home and carefully put them by the garage door, next to the stuff I am collecting to take to the cottage the next time we go. Perfect……Thanks Doug!!

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