Why Are Sunday Nights So Nice At The Cottage?

What is it about Sunday nights at the cottage? For some reason, Sunday night is always the nicest night. Or at least it seems that way.

Tonight was no exception. As I was loading the Dodge van to head for home, I noticed how nice it had become. The lake was calm, the sun was shining, and the temperature was a comfortable shirt sleeve degree.

That seems to happen every Sunday night. I have to tell ya, I don’t notice it as much when we are heading for home on a Tuesday night, or any other night where we are able to return the next day. It just seems to be a phenonemon that occurs on Sundays, when work beckons the next morning, and staying is not an option. It’s not new either, I have been aware of this since my school days when my family would be packing to leave for home on Sunday.

All of a sudden the lake gets calm, and the place seems to be the most perfect place on the face of the earth.

It’s like the lake is saying, “Don’t go, come out and play on me, stay for another night!”

All day it was slightly overcast, and although not raining, not a particularly nice day. But just as I shoved the coleman cooler into the van, I noticed how nice the lake had become, and how nice the day had become. It was that moment in time, when I wanted to unpack the cooler and stay.

In fact, I suggested that to Wendy who told me to finish packing the van and reminded me I had to work tomorrow….sometimes she annoys me…..

On another note, this weekend gave me a chance to cut some more wood from the woodlot, to open up our view of the lake even more and get some firewood for the woodpile at the same time. The firewood pile is gaining size thankfully, and the view is improving a great deal.

We also had a fantastic supper with some neighbors, followed by a night of guitar playing and singing well into and past midnight. A great cottage weekend.

I also had a chance to finish reading a book that I have been reading for the last week or so, which turned out to be one of those stories that I just couldn’t put down. It only took me a week because I didn’t have time with work and blogging and sleeping to get it finished. It’s called The Second Assassin by Christopher Hyde, who weaves a very intriguing and exciting mystery.

Based on actual events, the story tells of a plan to assassinate the King and Queen of England in 1939 on American soil, destroying any hope of an alliance between England and America, which would have been good news for the Nazis. Although fiction, just based on actual events, the story is a good one, that kept me turning the pages.

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  1. Yes, it's a fact that the last day of vacation or the time you have to head home from camp is always the kind of time that makes you want to throw it all over and live there full time! Darn!

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