Sunray Speedboat

In addition to cutting some firewood this weekend, I also had the pleasure of spending some time in a beautiful new speedboat. A Sunray inboard/outboard speedboat to be exact, a 17 1/2 foot Sunray bowrider speedboat. My buddy Doug realized a life dream this weekend, and bought himself a boat, and to our good fortune, brought it to the cottage to give it a try. We took it out yesterday, the lake was pretty rough, but the Sunray hull handled it with aplomb, making a pretty smooth ride as we tweaked it out to about 36 miles per hour up the lake…

I’m not a big fan of speedboats, preferring smaller aluminum boats that can be pulled up on shore by me alone, turned over on the lawn, chained to a tree and forgotten until they are needed. But I have to admit, riding in Dougs new boat was fun, and I am looking forward to next summer, cruising up the lake in the Sunray, laying back, enjoying clear skies overhead and the lake beneath me at 36 miles per hour…..

The womenfolk…I love calling them ‘womenfolk’ because I know it kind of annoys them, enjoyed it too, having a much more comfortable ride than that of my 14 foot Springbok aluminum boat equipped with metal seats and 15 screaming outboard horses….you feel every wave…in fact you almost get to know them intimately. That’s what I like best. But alas, for comfort, speed and fun for all, the Sunray boat is the answer. Smooth riding, it even has a stereo CD player and four speakers. Next summer could be fun…..

Of course, this has no bearing on our plans for a pontoon boat, this just adds to the fun in the meantime. I don’t think Wendy is going to give up the pontoon boat idea anytime soon.

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