Shutting Off The Cottage Water For Winter

Gosh and golly….I hate writing this post…you know the annual post I write about shutting off the water at the cottage. I hate writing it because it is a sure sign of winter coming, maybe not tomorrow or the next day, but coming nonetheless, waiting around the corner to freeze us and our water pipes if we aren’t careful.

When you shut off your cottage water and drain the system depends on where you are located.

If you are more northerly, it is probably something that gets done in October or November, perhaps even September, depends on when things go below freezing.  Timing your cottage water shutoff requires watching the weather, particularly at night when the temperature can drop to below freezing.

If access to your cottage is governed by snow covered roads, you probably need to keep that in mind too.

Many cottagers close up the cottage and shut off the water in September, mostly because it is the end of the cottage season for them. They know they won’t likely be using the place much, if at all, until the Spring, so it’s time to close it up.

For us, that doesn’t really happen. We continue to use the place into the winter, sometimes year round, although in the winter months, we have no running water.

But I always disconnect the water sometime towards the end of October depending on the weather, rather than risk something happening that prohibits me from getting there. Not to dwell on that, but let’s say you procrastinate, and put the job off until the end of December, knowing that you probably have time before a major freeze-up. Then God Forbid, you get sick, maybe the swine flu or something and can’t get to the cottage.

You haven’t left yourself much of a buffer before things can freeze and split and they will….not to scare you with thoughts of swine flu and frozen, split water pipes….

I wrote a post sometime ago about disconnecting the cottage water for winter, you can find it Here!

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