Helping Family Move

So…it’s that time of year!! Back to school for the kiddies…gone are the lazy hazy crazy days of summer! Tonight was move the daughter night, my oldest girl is taking up residence in an apartment with 4 girls as they finish out their last year at university. Her “stuff” has been in my garage since last spring, and tonight, well…I got my garage back…didn’t really want it back though. It was kind of comforting knowing her stuff was here, meant she had to come back occasionally.

Her “boy-toy” “J” brought his Jeep SUV and we loaded the Dodge Caravan and moved her in one go, which was kinda nice. I’m kidding about the “boy-toy” actually he seems like a pretty good fella, and is good to her, and most importantly, is now a regular reader of this blog….which of course is the way to my heart if not hers….

Kim moved into a nice flat on the fourth floor…well, four flights of stairs up, no elevator. Nice….nothing like moving someone into a fourth floor apartment. On the other hand, she and her guy carried most of the stuff, I faked a heart attack and Wendy faked a bad knee….worked out well. One thing about getting old, you get smart…and become a reasonably good actor. It helps to carry a bottle of nitrogylcerin spray and keep pulling it out of your pocket. But, through it all, we got her moved and she is happy, or seems to be, although I think she will miss living with J, which is where she has been making her home since the Spring.

This weekend they are coming to the cottage for Labour Day, something we have been looking forward to all summer. That’s going to be fun I hope, and we’ll have a little family time, and I can enthrall J with stories of my fishing and other cottage living exploits….I am looking forward to it. I think I will quiz him on some of my previous posts, see if he really has been reading The Cottage Chronicles…..

As for Kim’s “stuff” and getting my garage back, I hid some of her “stuff” so she will have to come back occasionally to look for it…..Ha Ha! Fathers are like that.

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