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Log homes enthrall me…..and I am sure they do the same for many of you. There is something about a log home that is magical in my mind.

Logs come from the trees and the forests, so a log home set in the trees looks like it belongs there, and the people who live in log homes, in my mind, show some kind of ‘reverence’ for the forests and great outdoors.

I…like you would love to have a log home, but not all of us have the where-with-all, the opportunity or the ‘guts’ to go for it, and get one. I know that I probably will never live in a log home. But I can dream…..

I’ve been a fan of one log home owner for a long time, my blogger buddy Shelley, who with her hubby has built a fabulous log house in Michigan. Shelley has a some fantastic blogs on the go too, including Building A Log Cabin and Northern Michigan Experience and now her new dog, Scout, has his own blog, that you can read Here!

I think Shelley better watch out, Scout just might start taking all her readers……

Tonight I like to point you to another blogger who is writing about her family’s experience building their log cabin home in the isolated North Country of New York State. Anne, who says she had always said she wouldn’t go to the woods for longer than vacation, had a change of heart!

She and her husband “packed up our life and traded in suburbia for the rural life five years ago.”

And it sounds like they have never looked back. Anne’s blog At Home In Logs takes us from when her husband first suggested they build a log house, to the present, where they now have a roof tight log home, not finished, but coming close.

At Home In Logs is a fascinating read, particularly for anyone dreaming about a log home. Lot’s of pictures to tell the story of the house, and some interesting, sometimes funny posts to accompany the pics.

If you’ve an interest in log home living and log home building, check out Shelley’s Building A Log Cabin and Anne’s At Home In Logsyou won’t be sorry.

I like these two log home so much, perhaps instead of building my own when I retire, maybe Wendy and I could spend alternating months with Shelley in Michigan and Anne in upstate New York…..and summers at our cottage in Nova Scotia.

Pack a bag Wendy we’re heading for the USA! Log home livin’ yee ha! I’ll bring my guitar….Move over Scout, I’m coming in….Anne, hurry up and get some furniture for my room…..Shelley, any room is fine, as long as I get a view of the lake…and room to put my rock collection….

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2 thoughts on “Log Home Living”

  1. Bring us some of that good canadian beer when you come Rob! And I'm not sure if we have room for 2 rock collections – you'll need to check out my hubby's! :-)